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About: SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package with strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation (written in PHP4).
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move_messages.php File Reference

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if(!sqgetGlobalVar('composesession', $composesession, SQ_SESSION)) attachSelectedMessages ($msg, $imapConnection)


const PAGE_NAME 'move_messages'
const SM_PATH '../'
global $compose_new_win
 $imapConnection = sqimap_login($username, $key, $imapServerAddress, $imapPort, 0)
 $mbx_response =sqimap_mailbox_select($imapConnection, $mailbox)
 $location = set_url_var($location,'composenew',0,false)
if(!isset($lastTargetMailbox)) if($targetMailbox !=$lastTargetMailbox) $exception = false
 $id = array()
if(isset($msg) &&is_array($msg)) if(isset($expungeButton)) elseif(isset($undeleteButton)) elseif(!isset($moveButton)) else

Function Documentation

◆ attachSelectedMessages()

Variable Documentation

◆ $compose_new_win

global $compose_new_win

Definition at line 21 of file move_messages.php.

◆ $exception

if (!isset( $lastTargetMailbox)) if ( $targetMailbox !=$lastTargetMailbox) $exception = false

Definition at line 181 of file move_messages.php.

◆ $id

◆ $imapConnection

$imapConnection = sqimap_login($username, $key, $imapServerAddress, $imapPort, 0)

Definition at line 163 of file move_messages.php.

Referenced by attachSelectedMessages().

◆ $location

$location = set_url_var($location,'composenew',0,false)

Definition at line 166 of file move_messages.php.

◆ $mbx_response

$mbx_response =sqimap_mailbox_select($imapConnection, $mailbox)

Definition at line 164 of file move_messages.php.

◆ else

if ( $exception) else
Initial value:
if (count($id)) {
if ($mailbox!=$targetMailbox) {
} else {
$cnt = 0;
if (($startMessage+$cnt-1) >= $mbx_response['EXISTS']) {
if ($startMessage > $show_num) {
$location = set_url_var($location,'startMessage',$startMessage-$show_num, false);
} else {
$location = set_url_var($location,'startMessage',1, false);
} else {
$exception = true;

Definition at line 251 of file move_messages.php.

◆ exit


Definition at line 281 of file move_messages.php.


const PAGE_NAME 'move_messages'

This is the move_messages page

Definition at line 15 of file move_messages.php.


const SM_PATH '../'

Definition at line 18 of file move_messages.php.

sqimap_mailbox_expunge($imap_stream, $mailbox, $handle_errors=true, $id='')
Definition: imap_mailbox.php:198
Definition: options_identities.php:86
Definition: move_messages.php:190
Definition: options.php:28
set_url_var($url, $var, $val=null, $link=true)
Definition: html.php:109
if(!isset($lastTargetMailbox)) if($targetMailbox !=$lastTargetMailbox) $exception
Definition: move_messages.php:181
Definition: move_messages.php:166
Definition: move_messages.php:163
Definition: load_prefs.php:130
sqimap_msgs_list_move($imap_stream, $id, $mailbox, $handle_errors=true)
Definition: imap_messages.php:56
Definition: imap_general.php:639
Definition: move_messages.php:164
Definition: config_default.php:397