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forms.php File Reference

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 addInputField ($type, $name=null, $value=null, $attributes='')
 addPwField ($name, $value=null, $extra_attributes='')
 addCheckBox ($name, $checked=false, $value=null, $extra_attributes='')
 addRadioBox ($name, $checked=false, $value=null)
 addHidden ($name, $value)
 addInput ($name, $value='', $size=0, $maxlength=0, $extra_attributes='')
 addSelect ($name, $values, $default=null, $usekeys=false)
 addSubmit ($value, $name=null, $extra_attributes='')
 addReset ($value)
 addTextArea ($name, $text='', $cols=40, $rows=10, $attr='')
 addForm ($action, $method='post', $name='', $enctype='', $charset='', $extra='', $add_token=FALSE)

Function Documentation

◆ addCheckBox()

addCheckBox (   $name,
  $checked = false,
  $value = null,
  $extra_attributes = '' 

Form checkbox

Definition at line 42 of file forms.php.

References addInputField().

Referenced by addr_display_result(), showComposeButtonRow(), and showInputForm().

◆ addForm()

addForm (   $action,
  $method = 'post',
  $name = '',
  $enctype = '',
  $charset = '',
  $extra = '',
  $add_token = FALSE 

Make a <form> start-tag.

string$extraAny other attributes can be added with this parameter; they should use double quotes around attribute values (OPTIONAL; default empty)
mixed$add_tokenWhen given as a string or as boolean TRUE, a hidden input is also added to the form containing a security token. When given as TRUE, the input name is "smtoken"; otherwise the name is the string that is given for this parameter. When FALSE, no hidden token input field is added. (OPTIONAL; default not used)

Definition at line 150 of file forms.php.

References $action, $charset, and sm_generate_security_token().

Referenced by addr_display_result().

◆ addHidden()

addHidden (   $name,

◆ addInput()

addInput (   $name,
  $value = '',
  $size = 0,
  $maxlength = 0,
  $extra_attributes = '' 

An input textbox.

Definition at line 65 of file forms.php.

References addInputField().

Referenced by addressbook_inp_field(), showInputForm(), and update_event_form().

◆ addInputField()

addInputField (   $type,
  $name = null,
  $value = null,
  $attributes = '' 

Helper function to create form fields, not to be called directly, only by other functions below.

Definition at line 24 of file forms.php.

References $attributes.

Referenced by addCheckBox(), addHidden(), addInput(), addPwField(), addRadioBox(), addReset(), and addSubmit().

◆ addPwField()

addPwField (   $name,
  $value = null,
  $extra_attributes = '' 

Password input field

Definition at line 34 of file forms.php.

References addInputField().

◆ addRadioBox()

addRadioBox (   $name,
  $checked = false,
  $value = null 

Form radio box

Definition at line 50 of file forms.php.

References addInputField().

◆ addReset()

addReset (   $value)

Form reset button, $value = caption

Definition at line 118 of file forms.php.

References addInputField().

◆ addSelect()

addSelect (   $name,
  $default = null,
  $usekeys = false 

Function to create a selectlist from an array. Usage: name: html name attribute values: array ( key => value ) -> <option value="key">value</option> default: the key that will be selected usekeys: use the keys of the array as option value or not

Definition at line 86 of file forms.php.

References $ret, $values, and addHidden().

Referenced by list_writable_backends(), and showComposeButtonRow().

◆ addSubmit()

addSubmit (   $value,
  $name = null,
  $extra_attributes = '' 

Form submission button Note the switched value/name parameters!

Definition at line 112 of file forms.php.

References addInputField().

Referenced by address_form(), confirm_update(), showInputForm(), and update_event_form().

◆ addTextArea()

addTextArea (   $name,
  $text = '',
  $cols = 40,
  $rows = 10,
  $attr = '' 

Textarea form element.

Definition at line 125 of file forms.php.

Referenced by update_event_form().