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us_ascii.php File Reference

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 charset_encode_us_ascii ($string)
 unicodetousascii ($var)

Function Documentation

◆ charset_encode_us_ascii()

charset_encode_us_ascii (   $string)

Converts string to us-ascii

string$stringtext with numeric unicode entities
string us-ascii encoded text

Definition at line 21 of file us_ascii.php.

Referenced by charset_encode().

◆ unicodetousascii()

unicodetousascii (   $var)

Return us-ascii symbol when unicode character number is provided

This function is used internally by charset_encode_us_ascii function. It might be unavailable to other SquirrelMail functions. Don't use it or make sure, that functions/encode/us_ascii.php is included.

int$vardecimal unicode value
string us-ascii character

Definition at line 42 of file us_ascii.php.

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