squirrelmail-webmail  1.4.22
About: SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package with strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation (written in PHP4).
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display_messages.php File Reference

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 error_message ($message, $mailbox, $sort, $startMessage, $color)
 plain_error_message ($message, $color)
 logout_error ( $errString, $errTitle='')
 error_box ($string, $color)
 error_option_save ($message)

Function Documentation

◆ error_box()

◆ error_message()

error_message (   $message,

including plugin functions

Definition at line 20 of file display_messages.php.

References $color, $default_folder_prefix, $mailbox, $message, _(), error_box(), imap_utf7_decode_local(), and sprintf.

Referenced by sqimap_get_message().

◆ error_option_save()

error_option_save (   $message)

Adds message that informs about non fatal error that can happen while saving preferences

string$messageerror message
1.5.1 and 1.4.5

Definition at line 165 of file display_messages.php.

References $message, and $optpage_save_error.

Referenced by save_option_draft_folder(), save_option_sent_folder(), save_option_trash_folder(), and setSig().

◆ logout_error()

◆ plain_error_message()

plain_error_message (   $message,