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dbPrefs Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 open ()
 failQuery ($res=NULL)
 getKey ($user, $key, $default='')
 deleteKey ($user, $key)
 setKey ($user, $key, $value)
 fillPrefsCache ($user)

Public Attributes

 $table = 'userprefs'
 $user_field = 'user'
 $key_field = 'prefkey'
 $val_field = 'prefval'
 $dbh = NULL
 $error = NULL
 $db_type = SMDB_UNKNOWN

Detailed Description

Definition at line 91 of file db_prefs.php.

Member Function Documentation

◆ deleteKey()

dbPrefs::deleteKey (   $user,

Definition at line 187 of file db_prefs.php.

References $key_field, $prefs_cache, failQuery(), open(), and sprintf.

◆ failQuery()

dbPrefs::failQuery (   $res = NULL)

Definition at line 149 of file db_prefs.php.

References _(), exit, and NULL.

Referenced by checkForPrefs(), deleteKey(), fillPrefsCache(), removePref(), setKey(), and setPref().

◆ fillPrefsCache()

dbPrefs::fillPrefsCache (   $user)

Definition at line 284 of file db_prefs.php.

References $prefs_cache, failQuery(), open(), and sprintf.

◆ getKey()

dbPrefs::getKey (   $user,
  $default = '' 

Definition at line 161 of file db_prefs.php.

References $default, $prefs_cache, cachePrefValues(), and do_hook_function().

◆ open()

dbPrefs::open ( )

◆ setKey()

dbPrefs::setKey (   $user,

Definition at line 210 of file db_prefs.php.

References $key_field, elseif, failQuery(), open(), SMDB_MYSQL, SMDB_PGSQL, and sprintf.

Member Data Documentation

◆ $db_type

dbPrefs::$db_type = SMDB_UNKNOWN

Definition at line 99 of file db_prefs.php.

◆ $dbh

dbPrefs::$dbh = NULL

Definition at line 97 of file db_prefs.php.

Referenced by open().

◆ $default

Initial value:
= Array('theme_default' => 0,
'show_html_default' => '0')

Definition at line 101 of file db_prefs.php.

Referenced by getKey().

◆ $error

dbPrefs::$error = NULL

Definition at line 98 of file db_prefs.php.

◆ $key_field

dbPrefs::$key_field = 'prefkey'

Definition at line 94 of file db_prefs.php.

Referenced by deleteKey(), and setKey().

◆ $table

dbPrefs::$table = 'userprefs'

Definition at line 92 of file db_prefs.php.

◆ $user_field

dbPrefs::$user_field = 'user'

Definition at line 93 of file db_prefs.php.

◆ $val_field

dbPrefs::$val_field = 'prefval'

Definition at line 95 of file db_prefs.php.

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