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About: SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package with strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation (written in PHP4).
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calendar.php File Reference

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if(! sqgetGlobalVar('month', $month, SQ_FORM)||! is_numeric($month)) if(! sqgetGlobalVar('year', $year, SQ_FORM)||! is_numeric($year)) startcalendar ()
 drawmonthview ()
 endcalendar ()


const SM_PATH '../../'
if(!isset( $month)|| $month<=0) if(!isset($year)|| $year<=0) if(!isset($day)|| $day<=0) $todayis = date( 'mdY' )
 $calself =basename($PHP_SELF)

Function Documentation

◆ drawmonthview()

drawmonthview ( )

main logic for month view of calendar

void @access private

Definition at line 89 of file calendar.php.

References $calendardata, $color, $j, $todayis, _(), html_tag(), and if.

◆ endcalendar()

endcalendar ( )

end of monthly view and form to jump to any month and year

void @access private

Definition at line 140 of file calendar.php.

References $color, _(), html_tag(), select_option_month(), and select_option_year().

◆ startcalendar()

if (! sqgetGlobalVar( 'month', $month, SQ_FORM)||! is_numeric( $month)) if (! sqgetGlobalVar( 'year', $year, SQ_FORM)||! is_numeric( $year)) startcalendar ( )

display upper part of month calendar view

void @access private

Definition at line 39 of file calendar.php.

References $color, $next_date, $next_month, $next_year, $prev_date, $prev_month, $prev_year, _(), date_intl(), and html_tag().

Variable Documentation

◆ $calself

$calself =basename($PHP_SELF)

Definition at line 170 of file calendar.php.

◆ $todayis

if (!isset($month)||$month<=0) if (!isset( $year)||$year<=0) if (!isset( $day)||$day<=0) $todayis = date( 'mdY' )

Definition at line 169 of file calendar.php.

Referenced by drawmonthview().


const SM_PATH '../../'


Definition at line 14 of file calendar.php.