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About: SquirrelMail is a standards-based webmail package with strong MIME support, address books, and folder manipulation (written in PHP4).
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bug_report.php File Reference

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 Show_Array ($array)


const SM_PATH '../../'
global $plugins
global $color
 if (!in_array( 'bug_report', $plugins))
 $browscap = ini_get('browscap')
if(isset($ldap_server) && $ldap_server[0] &&! extension_loaded('ldap')) $body
 $imapServerAddress = sqimap_get_user_server($imapServerAddress, $username)
 $imap_stream = fsockopen ($imapServerAddress, $imapPort, $error_number, $error_string)
 $server_info = fgets ($imap_stream, 1024)
if($imap_stream) else
 $warning = 1
 $warnings ['imap'] = "Unable to connect to IMAP server"
 $corrections ['imap'][] = "Make sure you specified the correct mail server"
 $corrections ['imap'][] = "Make sure the mail server is running IMAP, not POP"
 $corrections ['imap'][] = "Make sure the server responds to port $imapPort"
 $warning_html = ''
 $warning_num = 0

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◆ Show_Array()

Show_Array (   $array)

Definition at line 46 of file bug_report.php.

Variable Documentation

◆ $body

◆ $body_top

if (isset( $browser)) $body_top
Initial value:
= "I subscribe to the squirrelmail-users mailing list.\n" .
" [ ] True - No need to CC me when replying\n" .
" [ ] False - Please CC me when replying\n" .
"\n" .
"This bug occurs when I ...\n" .
" ... view a particular message\n" .
" ... use a specific plugin/function\n" .
" ... try to do/view/use ....\n" .
"\n\n\n" .
"The description of the bug:\n\n\n" .
"I can reproduce the bug by:\n\n\n" .
"(Optional) I got bored and found the bug occurs in:\n\n\n" .
"(Optional) I got really bored and here's a fix:\n\n\n" .
"----------------------------------------------\n" .
"\nMy browser information:\n" .
' '.$HTTP_USER_AGENT . "\n"

Definition at line 68 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $browscap

$browscap = ini_get('browscap')

Definition at line 59 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $color

global $color

Definition at line 26 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $corrections [1/3]

$corrections[ 'imap'][] = "Make sure you specified the correct mail server"

Definition at line 140 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $corrections [2/3]

$corrections[ 'imap'][] = "Make sure the mail server is running IMAP, not POP"

Definition at line 141 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $corrections [3/3]

$corrections[ 'imap'][] = "Make sure the server responds to port $imapPort"

Definition at line 142 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $imap_stream

$imap_stream = fsockopen ($imapServerAddress, $imapPort, $error_number, $error_string)

Definition at line 119 of file bug_report.php.

Referenced by deliverMessage(), formatBody(), get_caps(), get_reference_header(), get_thread_sort(), imap_test(), Deliver\mail(), mail_fetch_check_folder(), mail_fetch_check_noselect(), mail_fetch_login(), mime_fetch_body(), mime_print_body_lines(), parse_message_entities(), spam_filters(), sqimap_append(), sqimap_append_done(), sqimap_capability(), sqimap_fgets(), sqimap_fread(), sqimap_get_delimiter(), sqimap_get_headerfield(), sqimap_get_message(), sqimap_get_num_messages(), sqimap_get_php_sort_order(), sqimap_get_small_header(), sqimap_get_small_header_list(), sqimap_get_sort_order(), sqimap_login(), sqimap_logout(), sqimap_mailbox_create(), sqimap_mailbox_delete(), sqimap_mailbox_exists(), sqimap_mailbox_expunge(), sqimap_mailbox_is_subscribed(), sqimap_mailbox_list(), sqimap_mailbox_list_all(), sqimap_mailbox_option_list(), sqimap_mailbox_rename(), sqimap_mailbox_select(), sqimap_messages_copy(), sqimap_messages_delete(), sqimap_messages_flag(), sqimap_messages_remove_flag(), sqimap_msgs_list_copy(), sqimap_msgs_list_delete(), sqimap_msgs_list_move(), sqimap_read_data(), sqimap_read_data_list(), sqimap_run_command(), sqimap_run_command_list(), sqimap_run_literal_command(), sqimap_status_messages(), sqimap_subscribe(), sqimap_toggle_flag(), sqimap_unseen_messages(), sqimap_unsubscribe(), start_filters(), user_filters(), walkTreeInPostOrderCreatingFoldersUnderTrash(), walkTreeInPreOrderDeleteFolders(), and walkTreeInPreOrderEmptyTrash().

◆ $imapServerAddress

$imapServerAddress = sqimap_get_user_server($imapServerAddress, $username)

Definition at line 110 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $plugins

global $plugins

Definition at line 26 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $server_info

$server_info = fgets ($imap_stream, 1024)

Definition at line 120 of file bug_report.php.

Referenced by sqimap_login().

◆ $warning

$warning = 1

Definition at line 138 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $warning_html

$warning_html = ''

Definition at line 144 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $warning_num

$warning_num = 0

Definition at line 145 of file bug_report.php.

◆ $warnings

$warnings[ 'imap'] = "Unable to connect to IMAP server"

Definition at line 139 of file bug_report.php.

◆ else

if ( $imap_stream) else
Initial value:
$body .= " Unable to connect to IMAP server to get information.\n"

Definition at line 136 of file bug_report.php.

◆ if

if(!in_array('bug_report', $plugins))

Definition at line 32 of file bug_report.php.


const SM_PATH '../../'


Definition at line 24 of file bug_report.php.

if(isset($ldap_server) && $ldap_server[0] &&! extension_loaded('ldap')) $body
Definition: bug_report.php:106