smbnetfs  0.6.3
About: SMBNetFS is a Linux/FreeBSD filesystem that allow you to use samba/microsoft network in the same manner as the network neighborhood in Microsoft Windows.
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1 #ifndef __PROCESS_H__
2 #define __PROCESS_H__
4 int process_init(void);
7 int process_set_server_listen_timeout(int timeout);
8 int process_set_server_smb_timeout(int timeout);
10 int process_set_server_samba_charset(const char *charset);
11 int process_set_server_local_charset(const char *charset);
13 int process_start_new_smb_conn(char *shmem_ptr, size_t shmem_size);
14 int process_is_smb_conn_alive(int fd);
15 void process_kill_all(void);
16 void process_kill_by_smb_conn_fd(int fd);
19 #endif /* __PROCESS_H__ */
void process_kill_all(void)
Definition: process.c:230
int process_set_server_samba_charset(const char *charset)
Definition: process.c:109
int process_init(void)
Definition: process.c:38
void process_kill_by_smb_conn_fd(int fd)
Definition: process.c:249
int process_set_server_smb_debug_level(int level)
Definition: process.c:88
int process_set_server_listen_timeout(int timeout)
Definition: process.c:70
int process_is_smb_conn_alive(int fd)
Definition: process.c:208
void process_disable_new_smb_conn_starting(void)
Definition: process.c:63
int process_set_server_local_charset(const char *charset)
Definition: process.c:97
int process_start_new_smb_conn(char *shmem_ptr, size_t shmem_size)
Definition: process.c:120
void process_cleanup_from_zombies(void)
Definition: process.c:276
int process_set_server_smb_timeout(int timeout)
Definition: process.c:79