smbnetfs  0.6.3
About: SMBNetFS is a Linux/FreeBSD filesystem that allow you to use samba/microsoft network in the same manner as the network neighborhood in Microsoft Windows.
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1 #ifndef __AUTH_H__
2 #define __AUTH_H__
4 #include "list.h"
6 struct authinfo{
8  int ref_count;
9  char *domain;
10  char *user;
11  char *password;
12 };
15 void auth_set_default_login_name(const char *name);
17  const char *domain,
18  const char *server,
19  const char *share,
20  int *suitability);
21 void auth_release_authinfo(struct authinfo *info);
23  const char *server_or_domain,
24  const char *share_or_empty,
25  const char *domain,
26  const char *user,
27  const char *password);
28 void auth_delete_obsolete(time_t threshold);
30 #endif /* __AUTH_H__ */
void auth_delete_obsolete(time_t threshold)
Definition: auth.c:355
void auth_set_default_login_name(const char *name)
Definition: auth.c:31
struct authinfo * auth_get_authinfo(const char *domain, const char *server, const char *share, int *suitability)
Definition: auth.c:248
void auth_release_authinfo(struct authinfo *info)
Definition: auth.c:303
int auth_store_auth_data(const char *server_or_domain, const char *share_or_empty, const char *domain, const char *user, const char *password)
Definition: auth.c:309
Definition: list.h:6
Definition: auth.h:6
char * domain
Definition: auth.h:9
char * user
Definition: auth.h:10
char * password
Definition: auth.h:11
int ref_count
Definition: auth.h:8
LIST entries
Definition: auth.h:7