sirius-suite  1.1
About: Sirius Suite is a collection of algorithmic components extracted from the open end-to-end Sirius standalone speech and vision based intelligent personal assistant (IPA) system (similar to Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Now or Microsoft’s Cortana).
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Each folder contains standalone algorithmic components extracted from the end-to-end Sirius system. Every kernel contains a baseline, pthread, GPU version (CRF and Regex were not ported to the GPU), and input set. The kernels are either adapted from open-source implementations or where none are available, written from scratch.

Each kernel is part of a specific service from Sirius:
- Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): dnn-asr, gmm
- Image Matching (IMM): fe, fd
- Question Answering (QA): crf, regex, stemmer

The utils/ folder contains timing and printing functions used by the kernels. The scripts/ folder has python scripts to run the benchmarks multiple times and parse the resulting output.

To find out more about the suite, please visit sirius-suite webpage. The suite in the repo does not contain larger input sets and models. Download the latest version which includes the inputs.