scidavis  2.3.0
About: SciDAVis is a free application for Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization (a fork off of QtiPlot).
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Project::Private Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Private ()
 ~Private ()

Public Attributes

QUndoStack undo_stack
MdiWindowVisibility mdi_window_visibility
ProjectWindow * primary_view
AbstractScriptingEngine * scripting_engine
QString file_name

Detailed Description

Definition at line 52 of file Project.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Private()

Project::Private::Private ( )

Definition at line 55 of file Project.cpp.

55  :
56  mdi_window_visibility(static_cast<MdiWindowVisibility>(Project::global("default_mdi_window_visibility").toInt())),
57  primary_view(0),
58  scripting_engine(0) {}

◆ ~Private()

Project::Private::~Private ( )

Definition at line 59 of file Project.cpp.

59  {
60 #ifndef LEGACY_CODE_0_2_x
61  delete primary_view;
62 #endif
63  }

References primary_view.

Member Data Documentation

◆ file_name

QString Project::Private::file_name

Definition at line 72 of file Project.cpp.

Referenced by Project::fileName(), and Project::setFileName().

◆ mdi_window_visibility

MdiWindowVisibility Project::Private::mdi_window_visibility

Definition at line 65 of file Project.cpp.

Referenced by Project::mdiWindowVisibility(), and Project::setMdiWindowVisibility().

◆ primary_view

ProjectWindow* Project::Private::primary_view

Definition at line 67 of file Project.cpp.

Referenced by Project::view(), and ~Private().

◆ scripting_engine

AbstractScriptingEngine* Project::Private::scripting_engine

Definition at line 71 of file Project.cpp.

Referenced by Project::Project(), and Project::scriptingEngine().

◆ undo_stack

QUndoStack Project::Private::undo_stack

Definition at line 64 of file Project.cpp.

Referenced by Project::undoStack().

The documentation for this class was generated from the following file:
static QVariant global(const QString &key)
Retrieve a global setting.
Definition: AbstractAspect.cpp:360
MDI subwindow visibility setting.
Definition: Project.h:53
MdiWindowVisibility mdi_window_visibility
Definition: Project.cpp:65
AbstractScriptingEngine * scripting_engine
Definition: Project.cpp:71
ProjectWindow * primary_view
Definition: Project.cpp:67