sarg  2.4.0
About: SARG ia a Squid Analysis Report Generator.
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decomp.c File Reference
#include "include/conf.h"
#include "include/defs.h"
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FileObjectdecomp (const char *arq)

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◆ decomp()

FileObject* decomp ( const char *  arq)

Open the log file. If it is compressed, uncompress it with the proper library.

Log files compressed with gzip, bzip2 can be uncompressed if sarg is compiled with the proper library.

If the log file does not exist, the process terminates with an error message.

arqThe log file to process.

Definition at line 481 of file decomp.c.

References _, debuga(), and FileObject_FdOpen().

Referenced by read_log(), ReadOneLogFile(), splitlog(), and UserAgent_Readlog().

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