salt  3002.2
About: SaltStack is a systems management software for data center automation, cloud orchestration, server provisioning, configuration management and more. Community version.
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About Salt

Built on python, Salt uses simple and human-readable YAML combined with event-driven automation to deploy and configure complex IT systems. In addition to powering SaltStack’s powerful enterprise product suite, Salt can be found under the hood of products from Juniper, Cisco, Cloudflare, Nutanix, SUSE, and Tieto, to name a few.

About SaltStack

SaltStack develops award-winning software used by IT and security operations teams to help modern business more efficiently secure and maintain all aspects of their digital infrastructure. But we’re not like other legacy systems management or security software tools. Our software is unique in providing intelligent, event-driven automation for efficient control of complex business systems at any scale.

We help enterprise IT organizations orchestrate and automate difficult IT tasks with speed and flexibility to ultimately deliver continuous security compliance, vulnerability remediation, and real IT security.

Whether you need help automating the work of ITOps, DevOps, NetOps, or SecOps functions, SaltStack software is the answer. In addition to open source software, such as Salt, we offer SaltStack Enterprise and SaltStack SecOps products to manage and secure your digital business operations.

Download Salt

Salt is tested and packaged to run on CentOS, Debian, RHEL, Ubuntu, Windows. Download Salt and get started now.

SaltStack Documentation

Installation instructions, getting started guides, in-depth API documentation, and contributing to Salt.

Security Advisories

In 2020, SaltStack created a **Security Announcements** landing page. SaltStack recommends subscribing to the SaltStack Security RSS feed to receive notification when new information is available regarding security announcements.

Other channels to receive security announcements include the Salt Community mailing list and the Salt Community Slack Channel.

Responsibly Reporting Security Vulnerabilities

When reporting security vulnerabilities for Salt or other SaltStack projects, refer to the file found in this repository.

Engage SaltStack and The Community

Please be sure to review our Code of Conduct. Also, check out some of our community resources including:

There are lots of ways to get involved in our community. Every month, there are around a dozen opportunities to meet with other contributors and the Salt Core team and collaborate in real time. The best way to keep track is by subscribing to the Salt Community Events Calendar. If you have additional questions, email us at or reach out directly to the Community Manager, Cassandra Faris via Slack. We’d be glad to have you join our community!

SaltStack Training

Get access to proprietary SaltStack education offerings through instructor-led training offered on-site, virtually or at SaltStack headquarters in Salt Lake City. SaltStack Enterprise training helps increase the value and effectiveness of SaltStack software for any customer and is a prerequisite for coveted SaltStack Certified Administrator (SSCA) and SaltStack Certified Engineer (SSCE) certifications.

SaltStack training is also available through several SaltStack professional services offerings.


SaltStack is licensed by the SaltStack Team under the Apache 2.0 license. Please see the LICENSE file for the full text of the Apache license, followed by a full summary of the licensing used by external modules.

A complete list of attributions and dependencies can be found here: salt/