s-nail  14.9.7
About: S-nail is a mail processing system intended to provide the functionality of the POSIX mailx command and offers extensions for line editing, IDNA, MIME, S/MIME, SMTP and POP3 (and IMAP). It is usable as a mail batch language.
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cmd-cnd.c File Reference
#include "nail.h"
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Data Structures

struct  a_ccnd_if_node
struct  a_ccnd_if_ctx


#define n_FILE   cmd_cnd
#define a_CCND_IF_ISSKIP()


static void a_ccnd_oif_error (struct a_ccnd_if_ctx const *cicp, char const *msg_or_null, char const *nearby_or_null)
static si8_t a_ccnd_oif_test (struct a_ccnd_if_ctx *cicp, bool_t noop)
static si8_t a_ccnd_oif_group (struct a_ccnd_if_ctx *cicp, size_t level, bool_t noop)
static int a_ccnd_if (void *v, bool_t iselif)
FL int c_if (void *v)
FL int c_elif (void *v)
FL int c_else (void *v)
FL int c_endif (void *v)
FL bool_t n_cnd_if_isskip (void)
FL void n_cnd_if_stack_del (struct n_go_data_ctx *gdcp)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define a_CCND_IF_ISSKIP ( )
(n_go_data->gdc_ifcond != NULL &&\
(((struct a_ccnd_if_node*)n_go_data->gdc_ifcond)->cin_noop ||\
!((struct a_ccnd_if_node*)n_go_data->gdc_ifcond)->cin_go))
VL struct n_go_data_ctx * n_go_data
Definition: nail.h:2597
void * gdc_ifcond
Definition: nail.h:2007

Definition at line 25 of file cmd-cnd.c.

Referenced by a_ccnd_if(), and n_cnd_if_isskip().

◆ n_FILE

#define n_FILE   cmd_cnd

Definition at line 19 of file cmd-cnd.c.

Function Documentation

◆ a_ccnd_if()

◆ a_ccnd_oif_error()

static void a_ccnd_oif_error ( struct a_ccnd_if_ctx const *  cicp,
char const *  msg_or_null,
char const *  nearby_or_null 

◆ a_ccnd_oif_group()

static si8_t a_ccnd_oif_group ( struct a_ccnd_if_ctx cicp,
size_t  level,
bool_t  noop 

◆ a_ccnd_oif_test()

◆ c_elif()

◆ c_else()

FL int c_else ( void *  v)

◆ c_endif()

FL int c_endif ( void *  v)

◆ c_if()

FL int c_if ( void *  v)

Definition at line 529 of file cmd-cnd.c.

References a_ccnd_if(), FAL0, NYD_ENTER, and NYD_LEAVE.

◆ n_cnd_if_isskip()

FL bool_t n_cnd_if_isskip ( void  )

Definition at line 595 of file cmd-cnd.c.


Referenced by a_go_evaluate().

◆ n_cnd_if_stack_del()

FL void n_cnd_if_stack_del ( struct n_go_data_ctx gdcp)

Definition at line 605 of file cmd-cnd.c.

References a_ccnd_if_node::cin_outer, n_go_data_ctx::gdc_ifcond, NYD2_ENTER, and NYD2_LEAVE.

Referenced by a_go_cleanup().