rpm  5.2.1
About: RPM is a powerful and mature command-line driven package management system capable of installing, uninstalling, verifying, querying, and updating Unix software packages ("no longer Linux-centric"). Hint: The RPM homepage may offer newer releases (but in rpm format).
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1 <?php
2 // Create a new Db4 Instance
3 $db = new Db4();
5 // Open it outside a Db4Env environment with datafile/var/lib/db4
6 // and database name "test"
7 $db->open(null, "/var/tmp/db4", "test");
9 // Get the current value of "counter"
10 $counter = $db->get("counter");
11 print "Counter Value is $counter\n";
13 // Increment $counter and put() it.
14 $db->put("counter", $counter+1);
15 // Sync to be certain, since we're leaving the handle open
16 $db->sync();
17 ?>
Definition: simple_counter.php:10
Definition: simple_counter.php:3