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defines.h File Reference
#include "shadow_.h"
#include <sys/ioctl.h>
#include <termio.h>
#include "snprintf.h"
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#define ISDIGIT_LOCALE(c)   (IN_CTYPE_DOMAIN (c) && isdigit (c))
#define gettext_noop(String)   (String)
#define strchr   index
#define strrchr   rindex
#define memcpy(d, s, n)   bcopy((s), (d), (n))
#define WEXITSTATUS(stat_val)   ((unsigned)(stat_val) >> 8)
#define WIFEXITED(stat_val)   (((stat_val) & 255) == 0)
#define memzero(ptr, size)   bzero((char *)(ptr), (size))
#define strzero(s)   memzero(s, strlen(s)) /* warning: evaluates twice */
#define DIRECT   direct
#define NGROUPS_MAX   64
#define SYSLOG(x)   /* empty */
#define openlog(a, b, c)   /* empty */
#define closelog()   /* empty */
#define OPENLOG(progname)   openlog(progname, SYSLOG_OPTIONS, SYSLOG_FACILITY)
#define S_ISLNK(x)   (0)
#define LCHOWN   chown
#define LSTAT   stat
#define STTY(fd, termio)   ioctl(fd, TCSETA, termio)
#define GTTY(fd, termio)   ioctl(fd, TCGETA, termio)
#define TEMRIO   struct termio
#define USE_TERMIO
#define DAY   (24L*3600L)
#define WEEK   (7*DAY)
#define SCALE   DAY
#define STRFCPY(A, B)   (strncpy((A), (B), sizeof(A) - 1), (A)[sizeof(A) - 1] = '\0')
#define SETXXENT_TYPE   int
#define SETXXENT_RET(x)   return(x)
#define SETXXENT_TEST(x)   if (x)
#define PASSWD_FILE   "/etc/passwd"
#define GROUP_FILE   "/etc/group"
#define SHADOW_FILE   "/etc/shadow"
#define GROUP_PAG_FILE   GROUP_FILE ".pag"
#define NULL   ((void *) 0)


char * index ()
char * rindex ()
char * strtok ()

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ closelog

#define closelog ( )    /* empty */

Definition at line 127 of file defines.h.


#define DAY   (24L*3600L)

Definition at line 194 of file defines.h.


#define DIRECT   direct

Definition at line 52 of file defines.h.

◆ gettext_noop

#define gettext_noop (   String)    (String)

Definition at line 15 of file defines.h.


#define GROUP_FILE   "/etc/group"

Definition at line 231 of file defines.h.


#define GROUP_PAG_FILE   GROUP_FILE ".pag"

Definition at line 245 of file defines.h.


#define GTTY (   fd,
)    ioctl(fd, TCGETA, termio)

Definition at line 179 of file defines.h.


#define ISDIGIT_LOCALE (   c)    (IN_CTYPE_DOMAIN (c) && isdigit (c))

Definition at line 13 of file defines.h.


#define LCHOWN   chown

Definition at line 160 of file defines.h.


#define LSTAT   stat

Definition at line 166 of file defines.h.

◆ memcpy

#define memcpy (   d,
)    bcopy((s), (d), (n))

Definition at line 27 of file defines.h.

◆ memzero

#define memzero (   ptr,
)    bzero((char *)(ptr), (size))

Definition at line 45 of file defines.h.


#define NGROUPS_MAX   64

Definition at line 77 of file defines.h.


#define NULL   ((void *) 0)

Definition at line 250 of file defines.h.

◆ openlog

#define openlog (   a,
)    /* empty */

Definition at line 126 of file defines.h.


#define OPENLOG (   progname)    openlog(progname, SYSLOG_OPTIONS, SYSLOG_FACILITY)

Definition at line 143 of file defines.h.


#define PASSWD_FILE   "/etc/passwd"

Definition at line 227 of file defines.h.



Definition at line 244 of file defines.h.


#define S_ISLNK (   x)    (0)

Definition at line 154 of file defines.h.


#define SCALE   DAY

Definition at line 202 of file defines.h.


#define SETXXENT_RET (   x)    return(x)

Definition at line 222 of file defines.h.


#define SETXXENT_TEST (   x)    if (x)

Definition at line 223 of file defines.h.


#define SETXXENT_TYPE   int

Definition at line 221 of file defines.h.



Definition at line 247 of file defines.h.


#define SHADOW_FILE   "/etc/shadow"

Definition at line 235 of file defines.h.



Definition at line 246 of file defines.h.



Definition at line 271 of file defines.h.

◆ strchr

#define strchr   index

Definition at line 21 of file defines.h.


#define STRFCPY (   A,
)    (strncpy((A), (B), sizeof(A) - 1), (A)[sizeof(A) - 1] = '\0')

Definition at line 210 of file defines.h.

◆ strrchr

#define strrchr   rindex

Definition at line 22 of file defines.h.

◆ strzero

#define strzero (   s)    memzero(s, strlen(s)) /* warning: evaluates twice */

Definition at line 47 of file defines.h.


#define STTY (   fd,
)    ioctl(fd, TCSETA, termio)

Definition at line 178 of file defines.h.


#define SYSLOG (   x)    /* empty */

Definition at line 125 of file defines.h.



Definition at line 140 of file defines.h.



Definition at line 136 of file defines.h.


#define TEMRIO   struct termio

Definition at line 180 of file defines.h.


#define USE_TERMIO

Definition at line 181 of file defines.h.


#define WEEK   (7*DAY)

Definition at line 197 of file defines.h.


#define WEXITSTATUS (   stat_val)    ((unsigned)(stat_val) >> 8)

Definition at line 36 of file defines.h.


#define WIFEXITED (   stat_val)    (((stat_val) & 255) == 0)

Definition at line 39 of file defines.h.

Function Documentation

◆ index()

char* index ( )

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◆ rindex()

char * rindex ( )

◆ strtok()