rp-pppoe  3.15
About: RP-PPPoE is a free PPPoE client for Linux and Solaris systems to connect to PPPoE service providers (if no router is used). PPPoE (Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet) is a protocol used by many ADSL Internet Service Providers.
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pppoe: a PPP-over-Ethernet redirector for pppd
Copyright (C) 2001-2012 Roaring Penguin Software Inc.
Copyright (C) 2018-2021 Dianne Skoll

Some inspiration from an earlier client by Luke Stras.

The MSS clamping was inspired by mssclampfw by Marc Boucher <marc@mbsi.ca>
with acknowledgements to Rebel.com (http://www.rebel.com).  However, the
actual MSS clamping code is original and is licensed under the GPL, unlike
the original mssclampfw.


pppoe is a user-space redirector which permits the use of PPPoE
(Point-to-Point Over Ethernet) with Linux.  PPPoE is used by many
DSL service providers.



1) Linux 2.2.9 or later on Intel, Sparc or PowerPC.  It may work on
   Alpha, too -- anyone care to let me know?


   Linux 2.0.36 or later.


   FreeBSD, NetBSD or OpenBSD with BPF support, though this is old,
   unmaintained, and may no longer work.

2) pppd 2.3.10 or later.  Versions 2.3.7 and later work unless you use
   demand-dialling.  For demand dialling, you *must* use 2.3.10 or later.


If you're lucky, the "quickstart" method will work.  After unpacking
the archive, become root and type:


This should configure, compile and install the software and set up your
DSL connection.  You'll have to answer a few questions along the way.

If you want the GUI wrapper, type:


If ./go and ./go-gui didn't work, read the rest of this README.


Compile and install pppd if you don't already have it.  Then:

1) Unpack:

	$ tar xzvf rp-pppoe-xxx.tar.gz

2) Change to source directory:

	$ cd src

3) Configure:

	$ ./configure

4) Compile:

	$ make

4) Install (this step must be done as root)

	# make install

5) Now read doc/HOW-TO-CONNECT

Dianne Skoll <dianne@skoll.ca>