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About: remind a sophisticated calendar/reminder and alarm program.
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Remind is a full-featured calendar/alarm program.  Copying policy is
in the file "COPYRIGHT" in this directory.

Installation notes for various operating systems are in "docs".  See
the appropriate README file for installation on your system.

Manual pages are in "man".


Quick UNIX installation instructions for the very impatient:

If you have Tcl/Tk (wish 4.1 or higher) installed and are running X Windows:

1) Type: wish ./ from this directory.  Fill in the various
   options and hit "Build Remind"

2) Type: "make install" -- you may need to be root to do this.

If you do NOT have Tcl/Tk or are NOT running X Windows:

1) Edit the file "src/custom.h" according to your preferences.

2) Edit the file "src/lang.h" to choose a language.

3) Type: "./configure"  (You can supply options; type "./configure --help"
   for details.)

4) Type: "make"

5) Type: "make install" -- you may need to be root to do this.


Remind and rem2ps have no prerequisites beyond the standard C library and
the standard math library.

Rem2HTML requires the JSON::MaybeXS Perl module.
Rem2PDF requires the JSON::MaybeXS, Pango and Cairo Perl modules.

- On Debian-like systems, these prerequisites may be installed with:

    apt install libjson-maybexs-perl libpango-perl libcairo-perl

- On RPM-based systems, you need perl-Pango, perl-Cairo and perl-JSON-MaybeXS

- On Gentoo, you need dev-perl/Pango, dev-perl/Cairo and dev-perl/JSON-MaybeXS.

- On Arch linux, you need pango-perl, cairo-perl and perl-json-maybexs

TkRemind requires Tcl/Tk and the tcllib library.

- On Debian-like systems, install with:

    apt install tcl tk tcllib

- On RPM-based systems, you need tcl, tk and tcllib

- On Arch Linux, you need tk and tcllib.  The latter is available at

If the little arrows for "Previous Month" and "Next Month" do not display
correctly in TkRemind, you may need to install the Noto Fonts.  Install
all of your distribution's Nonto Font-related packages.

- On Debian-like systems, install with:

    apt install fonts-noto-core fonts-noto-color-emoji \
        fonts-noto-extra fonts-noto-ui-core fonts-noto-ui-extra

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