relax  5.0.0
About: relax allows the study of molecular dynamics through the analysis of experimental NMR data. Organic molecules, proteins, RNA, DNA, sugars, and other biomolecules are all supported.
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def dep_check.version_comparison (version1, version2)


string dep_check.min_version = '1.0.11'
bool dep_check.bmrblib_module = True
bool dep_check.wx_classic = True
bool dep_check.wx_stable = True
bool dep_check.wx_module = True
 dep_check.message = sys.exc_info()[1]
 dep_check.wx_module_message = message.args[0]
bool dep_check.epydoc_module = True
bool dep_check.readline_module = True
bool dep_check.matplotlib_module = True
bool dep_check.runpy_module = True
bool dep_check.profile_module = True
bool dep_check.cprofile_module = True
bool dep_check.bz2_module = True
 dep_check.bz2_module_message = message.args[0]
bool dep_check.gzip_module = True
 dep_check.gzip_module_message = message.args[0]
bool dep_check.io_module = True
 dep_check.io_module_message = message.args[0]
bool dep_check.scipy_module = True
bool dep_check.vmd_module = True
bool dep_check.mpi4py_module = True
string dep_check.mpi4py_message
bool dep_check.pymol_module = True
bool dep_check.xml_module = True
string dep_check.xml_version = "%s.%s.%s" % xml._MINIMUM_XMLPLUS_VERSION
string dep_check.xml_type = 'internal'
bool dep_check.subprocess_module = True
 dep_check.subprocess_module_message = message.args[0]
 dep_check.Temp = subprocess.Popen('showApod', stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
 dep_check.return_value = Temp.wait()
 dep_check.line_split = output.splitlines()
 dep_check.line = line_split[0]
bool dep_check.showApod_software = True
bool dep_check.ctypes_module = True
 dep_check.ctypes_module_message = message.args[0]
bool dep_check.ctypes_structure_module = True
 dep_check.ctypes_structure_module_message = message.args[0]
bool dep_check.C_module_exp_fn = True
 dep_check.system = platform.system()
string dep_check.file = ''
string dep_check.C_module_exp_fn_mesg = "ImportError: relaxation curve fitting is unavailable, the corresponding C modules have not been compiled."