About: QtiPlot is a program for two- and three-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and for scientific data analysis (commercial support available; newer releases as demo versions available).
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QtiPlot - Data analysis and scientific plotting - API documentation

Program description:

Scientists often need to use data analysis and plotting software. For Windows systems there is a well known and widely used software called Origin, which is not free, of course. The purpose of this project is to develop a free (open source), platform independent alternative to Origin. QtiPlot is still far from this goal, but there's a "wish to" list we are constantly working on. All suggestions and contributions are most welcome! If you want to contribute code, please read the notes on coding style first.

The QtiPlot web page can be found at

QtiPlot uses the following libraries:

Qt, Qwt (5.0.0), QwtPlot3D, GSL, muParser, zlib (1.2.3), and liborigin.