qrencode  4.1.1
About: libqrencode is a fast and compact library and command-line utility for encoding data in a QR Code symbol.
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qrencode_inner.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  RSblock
 Raw code. More...
struct  QRRawCode
struct  MQRRawCode
 Raw code for Micro QR Code. More...


QRRawCodeQRraw_new (QRinput *input)
unsigned char QRraw_getCode (QRRawCode *raw)
 Return a code (byte). More...
void QRraw_free (QRRawCode *raw)
MQRRawCodeMQRraw_new (QRinput *input)
unsigned char MQRraw_getCode (MQRRawCode *raw)
 Return a code (byte). More...
void MQRraw_free (MQRRawCode *raw)
unsigned char * FrameFiller_test (int version)
 Frame filling. More...
unsigned char * FrameFiller_testMQR (int version)
QRcodeQRcode_encodeMask (QRinput *input, int mask)
 QR-code encoding. More...
QRcodeQRcode_encodeMaskMQR (QRinput *input, int mask)
QRcodeQRcode_new (int version, int width, unsigned char *data)
 QR-code encoding. More...

Function Documentation

◆ FrameFiller_test()

unsigned char * FrameFiller_test ( int  version)

Frame filling.

◆ FrameFiller_testMQR()

unsigned char * FrameFiller_testMQR ( int  version)

◆ MQRraw_free()

void MQRraw_free ( MQRRawCode raw)

Definition at line 263 of file qrencode.c.

References MQRRawCode::datacode, MQRRawCode::ecccode, and MQRRawCode::rsblock.

Referenced by MQRraw_new(), and QRcode_encodeMaskMQR().

◆ MQRraw_getCode()

unsigned char MQRraw_getCode ( MQRRawCode raw)

Return a code (byte).

This function can be called iteratively.

rawraw code.

Definition at line 248 of file qrencode.c.

References MQRRawCode::count, MQRRawCode::datacode, MQRRawCode::dataLength, MQRRawCode::ecccode, and MQRRawCode::eccLength.

Referenced by QRcode_encodeMaskMQR().

◆ MQRraw_new()

◆ QRcode_encodeMask()

◆ QRcode_encodeMaskMQR()

◆ QRcode_new()

QRcode * QRcode_new ( int  version,
int  width,
unsigned char *  data 

QR-code encoding.

Definition at line 409 of file qrencode.c.

References QRcode::data, version, QRcode::version, and QRcode::width.

Referenced by QRcode_encodeMask(), and QRcode_encodeMaskMQR().

◆ QRraw_free()

void QRraw_free ( QRRawCode raw)

Definition at line 180 of file qrencode.c.

References QRRawCode::datacode, QRRawCode::ecccode, and QRRawCode::rsblock.

Referenced by QRcode_encodeMask(), and QRraw_new().

◆ QRraw_getCode()

unsigned char QRraw_getCode ( QRRawCode raw)

Return a code (byte).

This function can be called iteratively.

rawraw code.

Definition at line 157 of file qrencode.c.

References QRRawCode::b1, QRRawCode::blocks, QRRawCode::count, RSblock::data, RSblock::dataLength, QRRawCode::dataLength, RSblock::ecc, QRRawCode::eccLength, and QRRawCode::rsblock.

Referenced by QRcode_encodeMask().

◆ QRraw_new()