pytorch  1.8.2
About: PyTorch provides Tensor computation (like NumPy) with strong GPU acceleration and Deep Neural Networks (in Python) built on a tape-based autograd system. LTS (Long Term Support) release.
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4x8-neon.c File Reference
#include <arm_neon.h>
#include <qnnpack/q8conv.h>
#include <requantization/runtime-neon.h>
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void pytorch_q8conv_ukernel_4x8__neon (size_t mr, size_t nr, size_t kc, size_t ks, const uint8_t **restrict a, const void *restrict w, uint8_t *restrict c, size_t c_stride, size_t output_channel_index, const union pytorch_qnnp_conv_quantization_params quantization_params[restrict static 1])

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void pytorch_q8conv_ukernel_4x8__neon ( size_t  mr,
size_t  nr,
size_t  kc,
size_t  ks,
const uint8_t **restrict  a,
const void *restrict  w,
uint8_t *restrict  c,
size_t  c_stride,
size_t  output_channel_index,
const union pytorch_qnnp_conv_quantization_params  quantization_params[restrict static 1]