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bench_approx.cpp File Reference
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void optimizeSleef (tensorexpr::LoopNest *ln, tensorexpr::Tensor *target)
void optimizePointwise (tensorexpr::LoopNest *ln, tensorexpr::Tensor *target)
static void log_nnc_sleef (benchmark::State &state)
static void log_nnc_fast (benchmark::State &state)
static void log_aten (benchmark::State &state)
static void logit_nnc_sleef (benchmark::State &state)
static void logit_nnc_fast (benchmark::State &state)
static void logit_aten (benchmark::State &state)
template<typename T >
void logit_caffe2_impl (int size, const T *X, T *Y, float eps_=1e-6f)
static void logit_caffe2 (benchmark::State &state)
static void tanh_nnc_fast (benchmark::State &state)
static void tanh_aten (benchmark::State &state)
static void tanh_caffe2 (benchmark::State &state)
 Args ({2<< 5}) -> Args({2<< 8}) ->Args({2<< 12}) ->Args({2<< 14})

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◆ log_aten()

static void log_aten ( benchmark::State &  state)

◆ log_nnc_fast()

◆ log_nnc_sleef()

◆ logit_aten()

static void logit_aten ( benchmark::State &  state)

◆ logit_caffe2()

◆ logit_caffe2_impl()

template<typename T >
void logit_caffe2_impl ( int  size,
const T *  X,
T *  Y,
float  eps_ = 1e-6f 

Definition at line 186 of file bench_approx.cpp.

References size, X, and at::native::metal::mpscnn::Y.

Referenced by logit_caffe2().

◆ logit_nnc_fast()

◆ logit_nnc_sleef()

◆ optimizePointwise()

◆ optimizeSleef()

◆ tanh_aten()

static void tanh_aten ( benchmark::State &  state)

◆ tanh_caffe2()

◆ tanh_nnc_fast()