python-adjutant  5.0.0
About: OpenStack Adjutant provides a basic workflow framework built using Django and Django-Rest-Framework to help automate Admin tasks within an OpenStack cluster.
The "Zed" series (latest release).
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A basic workflow framework built using Django and Django-Rest-Framework to help automate basic Admin tasks within an OpenStack cluster.

Primarily built as user registration service that fits into the OpenStack ecosystem alongside Keystone, its purpose to fill functionality missing from Keystone. Ultimately it is just a framework with actions that are tied to an endpoint and can require certain data fields and perform actions via the OpenStack clients as well as talk to external systems as needed.

Useful for automating generic admin tasks that users might request but otherwise can't do without the admin role. Also allows automating the signup and creation of new users, but also allows such requests to require approval first if wanted. Due to issuing of uri+tokens for final steps of some actions, allows for a password submit/reset system as well.


Documentation can be found at:

Documentation is stored in doc/, a sphinx build of the documentation can be generated with the command tox -e docs.

An API Reference is stored in api-ref. This is also a sphinx build and can be generated with tox -e api-ref.