psmisc  23.3
About: psmisc are small utilities that use the /proc filesystem: fuser, killall, pstree and peekfd.
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A package of small utilities that use the proc file-system.

  • fuser - Identifies processes using files or sockets
  • killall - kills processes by name, e.g. killall -HUP named
  • prtstat - prints statistics of a process
  • pslog - prints log path(s) of a process
  • pstree - shows the currently running processes as a tree
  • peekfd - shows the data travelling over a file descriptor

psmisc is now hosted on gitlab at for bugs or issues please use the issue tracker at

Email List

No email list as such, but there is a Gitter room found at This is an experimental trial of how Gitter works with a Gitlab project such as psmisc but its better than no email list.

fuser on network fs

On network file-systems, fuser can hang because its trying to stat files that may go away. If you use the --with-timeout-stat option during the configure step then fuser will fork a process to run stat. This means fuser doesn't hang, but it is much slower.



My thanks for the various translators who have cheerfully given me the po files to make psmisc speak different languages. If your language is not supported then let me know, all it takes is translating one file in a certain manner.


The pstree icons were drawn by Tatlin at Coresis who has given permission for them to be used for psmisc.

The license has changed to GPL for version 20 onwards with permission of the original authors. People who want to use these programs under the previous license will have to look at psmisc 19 or below.