procmeter  3-3.6+svn387
About: ProcMeter is a Linux system status monitor displaying system resource usage in multiple graphs.
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PMText.h File Reference
#include <gdk/gdk.h>
#include <gtk/gtkadjustment.h>
#include "PMGeneric.h"
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Data Structures

struct  _ProcMeterText
struct  _ProcMeterTextClass


#define PMTEXT_H   /*+ To stop multiple inclusions. +*/
#define GTK_TYPE_PROCMETERTEXT   (gtk_procmetertext_get_type())


typedef struct _ProcMeterText ProcMeterText
typedef struct _ProcMeterTextClass ProcMeterTextClass


guint gtk_procmetertext_get_type (void)
GtkWidget * gtk_procmetertext_new (void)
void ProcMeterTextSetFont (ProcMeterText *pmw, GdkFont *font)
void ProcMeterTextChangeData (ProcMeterText *pmt, char *data)

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Definition at line 26 of file PMText.h.



Definition at line 24 of file PMText.h.



Definition at line 25 of file PMText.h.


#define GTK_TYPE_PROCMETERTEXT   (gtk_procmetertext_get_type())

Definition at line 23 of file PMText.h.


#define PMTEXT_H   /*+ To stop multiple inclusions. +*/
/home/amb/CVS/procmeter3/gtk1/widgets/PMText.h,v 1.1 2000-12-16 16:39:18 amb Exp

ProcMeter Text Widget include file (for ProcMeter 3.3). Written by Andrew M. Bishop

This file Copyright 1996,98,2000 Andrew M. Bishop It may be distributed under the GNU Public License, version 2, or any higher version. See section COPYING of the GNU Public license for conditions under which this file may be redistributed.

Definition at line 16 of file PMText.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ ProcMeterText

typedef struct _ProcMeterText ProcMeterText

Definition at line 1 of file PMText.h.

◆ ProcMeterTextClass

Definition at line 1 of file PMText.h.

Function Documentation

◆ gtk_procmetertext_get_type()

guint gtk_procmetertext_get_type ( void  )

Definition at line 43 of file PMText.c.

◆ gtk_procmetertext_new()

GtkWidget* gtk_procmetertext_new ( void  )

Definition at line 122 of file PMText.c.

◆ ProcMeterTextChangeData()

void ProcMeterTextChangeData ( ProcMeterText pmt,
char *  data 

Definition at line 361 of file PMText.c.

◆ ProcMeterTextSetFont()

void ProcMeterTextSetFont ( ProcMeterText pmw,
GdkFont *  font 

Definition at line 343 of file PMText.c.