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inftrees.c File Reference
#include "zutil.h"
#include "inftrees.h"
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#define MAXBITS   15


int inflate_table (codetype type, unsigned short *lens, unsigned codes, code **table, unsigned *bits, unsigned short *work)


const char inflate_copyright []

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#define MAXBITS   15

Definition at line 9 of file inftrees.c.

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◆ inflate_table()

int inflate_table ( codetype  type,
unsigned short *  lens,
unsigned  codes,
code * *  table,
unsigned *  bits,
unsigned short *  work 

Definition at line 32 of file inftrees.c.

References code::bits, CODES, DISTS, ENOUGH_DISTS, ENOUGH_LENS, FAR, LENS, MAXBITS, code::op, and code::val.

Referenced by fixedtables(), inflate(), and inflateBack().

Variable Documentation

◆ inflate_copyright

const char inflate_copyright[]
Initial value:
" inflate 1.2.11 Copyright 1995-2017 Mark Adler "

Definition at line 11 of file inftrees.c.