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gntbox.h File Reference
#include "gnt.h"
#include "gntwidget.h"
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Data Structures

struct  _GntBox
struct  _GntBoxClass


#define GNT_TYPE_BOX   (gnt_box_get_gtype())
#define GNT_BOX(obj)   (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST((obj), GNT_TYPE_BOX, GntBox))
#define GNT_BOX_CLASS(klass)   (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST((klass), GNT_TYPE_BOX, GntBoxClass))
#define gnt_vbox_new(homo)   gnt_box_new(homo, TRUE)
#define gnt_hbox_new(homo)   gnt_box_new(homo, FALSE)


typedef struct _GntBox GntBox
typedef struct _GntBoxClass GntBoxClass


enum  GntAlignment {


G_BEGIN_DECLS GType gnt_box_get_gtype (void)
GntWidgetgnt_box_new (gboolean homo, gboolean vert)
void gnt_box_add_widget (GntBox *box, GntWidget *widget)
void gnt_box_set_title (GntBox *box, const char *title)
void gnt_box_set_pad (GntBox *box, int pad)
void gnt_box_set_toplevel (GntBox *box, gboolean set)
void gnt_box_sync_children (GntBox *box)
void gnt_box_set_alignment (GntBox *box, GntAlignment alignment)
void gnt_box_remove (GntBox *box, GntWidget *widget)
void gnt_box_remove_all (GntBox *box)
void gnt_box_readjust (GntBox *box)
void gnt_box_set_fill (GntBox *box, gboolean fill)
void gnt_box_move_focus (GntBox *box, int dir)
void gnt_box_give_focus_to_child (GntBox *box, GntWidget *widget)

Detailed Description


Definition in file gntbox.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define GNT_BOX (   obj)    (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST((obj), GNT_TYPE_BOX, GntBox))

Definition at line 34 of file gntbox.h.


#define GNT_BOX_CLASS (   klass)    (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST((klass), GNT_TYPE_BOX, GntBoxClass))

Definition at line 35 of file gntbox.h.


#define GNT_BOX_GET_CLASS (   obj)    (G_TYPE_INSTANCE_GET_CLASS((obj), GNT_TYPE_BOX, GntBoxClass))

Definition at line 38 of file gntbox.h.

◆ gnt_hbox_new

#define gnt_hbox_new (   homo)    gnt_box_new(homo, FALSE)

Definition at line 97 of file gntbox.h.


#define GNT_IS_BOX (   obj)    (G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_TYPE((obj), GNT_TYPE_BOX))

Definition at line 36 of file gntbox.h.


#define GNT_IS_BOX_CLASS (   klass)    (G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_TYPE((klass), GNT_TYPE_BOX))

Definition at line 37 of file gntbox.h.


#define GNT_TYPE_BOX   (gnt_box_get_gtype())

Definition at line 33 of file gntbox.h.

◆ gnt_vbox_new

#define gnt_vbox_new (   homo)    gnt_box_new(homo, TRUE)

Definition at line 96 of file gntbox.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ GntBox

typedef struct _GntBox GntBox

Definition at line 40 of file gntbox.h.

◆ GntBoxClass

typedef struct _GntBoxClass GntBoxClass

Definition at line 41 of file gntbox.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ GntAlignment


Definition at line 43 of file gntbox.h.

Function Documentation

◆ gnt_box_add_widget()

◆ gnt_box_get_gtype()

G_BEGIN_DECLS GType gnt_box_get_gtype ( void  )

The GType for GntBox.

The GType.

Definition at line 636 of file gntbox.c.

References gnt_box_class_init(), gnt_box_init(), GNT_TYPE_WIDGET, info, NULL, and dbus-analyze-signals::type.

◆ gnt_box_give_focus_to_child()

void gnt_box_give_focus_to_child ( GntBox box,
GntWidget widget 

Give focus to a specific child widget.

boxThe box
widgetThe child widget to give focus

Definition at line 882 of file gntbox.c.

References _GntBox::active, FALSE, _GntBox::focus, GNT_BOX, GNT_WIDGET, gnt_widget_draw(), gnt_widget_set_focus(), TRUE, widget, and window.

Referenced by finch_conversation_set_info_widget(), finch_create_conversation(), finch_request_action(), fl_get_list(), gnt_box_clicked(), remove_typing_cb(), save_account_cb(), save_savedstatus_cb(), status_selection_changed(), and users_command_cb().

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◆ gnt_box_move_focus()

void gnt_box_move_focus ( GntBox box,
int  dir 

Move the focus from one widget to the other.

boxThe box
dirThe direction. If it's 1, then the focus is moved forwards, if it's -1, the focus is moved backwards.

Definition at line 855 of file gntbox.c.

References _GntBox::active, FALSE, find_focusable_widget(), find_next_focus(), find_prev_focus(), GNT_WIDGET, gnt_widget_draw(), gnt_widget_set_focus(), NULL, TRUE, and window.

Referenced by status_selection_changed().

Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ gnt_box_new()

GntWidget* gnt_box_new ( gboolean  homo,
gboolean  vert 

Create a new GntBox.

homoIf TRUE, all the widgets in it will have the same width (or height)
vertWhether the widgets in it should be stacked vertically (if TRUE) or horizontally (if FALSE).
The new GntBox.

Definition at line 663 of file gntbox.c.

References _GntBox::alignment, GNT_ALIGN_LEFT, GNT_ALIGN_MID, GNT_BOX, GNT_TYPE_BOX, _GntBox::homogeneous, NULL, _GntBox::vertical, and widget.

Referenced by draw_tooltip_real(), gnt_bindable_rebinding_activate(), gnt_combo_box_init(), gnt_widget_from_xmlnode(), and setup__list().

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◆ gnt_box_readjust()

void gnt_box_readjust ( GntBox box)

◆ gnt_box_remove()

void gnt_box_remove ( GntBox box,
GntWidget widget 

Remove a widget from the box. Calling this does NOT destroy the removed widget.

boxThe box
widgetThe widget to remove

Definition at line 781 of file gntbox.c.

References _GntBox::active, find_next_focus(), _GntBox::focus, GNT_WIDGET, GNT_WIDGET_CAN_TAKE_FOCUS, gnt_widget_draw(), GNT_WIDGET_IS_FLAG_SET, GNT_WIDGET_MAPPED, _GntBox::list, NULL, and widget.

Referenced by finch_request_authorize().

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◆ gnt_box_remove_all()

void gnt_box_remove_all ( GntBox box)

Remove all widgets from the box. This DOES destroy all widgets in the box.

boxThe box

Definition at line 800 of file gntbox.c.

References _GntBox::focus, GNT_WIDGET, gnt_widget_destroy(), _GntBox::list, and NULL.

Referenced by add_protocol_options(), finch_conversation_set_info_widget(), gnt_box_destroy(), and update_user_splits().

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◆ gnt_box_set_alignment()

◆ gnt_box_set_fill()

void gnt_box_set_fill ( GntBox box,
gboolean  fill 

Set whether the widgets in the box should fill the empty spaces.

boxThe box
fillWhether the child widgets should fill the empty space

Definition at line 850 of file gntbox.c.

References _GntBox::fill.

Referenced by add_protocol_options(), config_frame(), edit_account(), finch_debug_window_show(), finch_notify_common(), finch_notify_searchresults(), finch_request_fields(), finch_savedstatus_edit(), finch_savedstatus_show_all(), finch_sounds_show_all(), finch_xfer_dialog_new(), gnt_widget_from_xmlnode(), setup_email_dialog(), and update_user_splits().

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◆ gnt_box_set_pad()

◆ gnt_box_set_title()

◆ gnt_box_set_toplevel()

void gnt_box_set_toplevel ( GntBox box,
gboolean  set 

◆ gnt_box_sync_children()