pidgin  2.13.0
About: Pidgin is a chat program (multi-protocol instant messaging client) which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously (old name "gaim").
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gntaccount.h File Reference
#include "account.h"
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PurpleAccountUiOpsfinch_accounts_get_ui_ops (void)
void finch_accounts_init (void)
void finch_accounts_uninit (void)
void finch_accounts_show_all (void)
void finch_account_dialog_show (PurpleAccount *account)

Detailed Description

GNT Account API

Definition in file gntaccount.h.

Function Documentation

◆ finch_account_dialog_show()

void finch_account_dialog_show ( PurpleAccount account)

Show the edit dialog for an account.

accountThe account to edit, or NULL to create a new account.

Definition at line 844 of file gntaccount.c.

References account, and edit_account().

Referenced by ce_modify_account_cb().

◆ finch_accounts_get_ui_ops()

PurpleAccountUiOps* finch_accounts_get_ui_ops ( void  )

Get the ui-functions.

The PurpleAccountUiOps structure populated with the appropriate functions.

Definition at line 1156 of file gntaccount.c.

References ui_ops.

Referenced by gnt_ui_init().

◆ finch_accounts_init()

◆ finch_accounts_show_all()

◆ finch_accounts_uninit()

void finch_accounts_uninit ( void  )

Perform necessary uninitializations.

Definition at line 915 of file gntaccount.c.

References accounts, gnt_widget_destroy(), and FinchAccountList::window.