pidentd  3.0.19
About: implementation of the RFC1413 identification server (more or less complete rewrite compared to version 2)
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pid_entry Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for pid_entry:

Data Fields

pid_t pe_pid
int pe_generation
struct proc * pe_proc
union {
   struct pid_entry *   peu_nxt
   struct {
      int   peus_pgrp
      int   peus_sess
   }   peu_s

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file k_osf4.c.

Field Documentation

◆ pe_generation

int pid_entry::pe_generation

Definition at line 97 of file k_osf4.c.

◆ pe_pid

pid_t pid_entry::pe_pid

Definition at line 96 of file k_osf4.c.

◆ pe_proc

struct proc* pid_entry::pe_proc

Definition at line 98 of file k_osf4.c.

◆ pe_un

union { ... } pid_entry::pe_un

◆ peu_nxt

struct pid_entry* pid_entry::peu_nxt

Definition at line 100 of file k_osf4.c.

◆ peu_s

struct { ... } pid_entry::peu_s

◆ peus_pgrp

int pid_entry::peus_pgrp

Definition at line 102 of file k_osf4.c.

◆ peus_sess

int pid_entry::peus_sess

Definition at line 103 of file k_osf4.c.

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