pdmenu  1.3.6
About: pdmenu is a simple full screen menu system.
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Pdmenu, a simple menu program:

	By Joey Hess <pdmenu@joeyh.name>

	This program is Copyright 1995-2011 by Joey Hess, and may be 
	distributed under the terms of the GPL.

What is Pdmenu?

	Pdmenu is a menuing system for Unix. It is designed to be easy to
	use, and is suitable for a login shell for inexperienced users, or 
	it can just be ran at the command line as a handy menu.

	Pdmenu features color support and GPM mouse support at the linux
	console. It compiles on most varieties of Unix.

	See Pdmenu's man pages for information about the format of the 
	pdmenurc file, and how to use the program.

	I was prompted to write Pdmenu when I took a look at a shell script 
	that used dialog to generate similar menus. The shell script was 
	huge, complicated, and ugly, and had to be modified manually to add 
	anything to the menu. I hope that Pdmenu is better. :-)

	For more info, visit Pdmenu's home page at:

Please see INSTALL for building and installation instructions.

Precompiled binaries:

        	If you use a RPM based distribution, a spec file is
		included in the source tarball (redhat/pdmenu.spec) and
		can be used to build a RPM.

		If you use Debian Linux, a .deb of pdmenu is available from
		ftp.debian.org or a mirror in the usual location. The pdmenu 
		source tree will also build a .deb on its own on a debian 
		system, just run "dpkg-buildpackage".

A few sample uses of Pdmenu:

	Here are a few ways I've used Pdmenu:

	* Just a menu which users can get by typing pdmenu at the prompt. 
	* As a login shell. (Just change their shell, it works fine.)
	* A neat trick is to put something like #!/usr/bin/pdmenu on the top 
		line of a pdmenu config file, and make the file executable.
	* As a menu displayed when the system boots, or as a system monitor

	There are several sample pdmenurc files that show off the features of
	Pdmenu in the examples/ subdirectory.

	Note that you try these at your own risk. If you put in a command 
	that lets a user get root, it's your own fault, not mine.

Thanks go out to:

	Rob Lesan, who builds RPMs of pdmenu for me, since I don't have a 
		redhat machine.
	Randolph Chung, who helped me learn C and Linux, and who has put up 
		with all my questions to this day. And he threw together mouse 
		support for Pdmenu in no time flat one night, too.
	Christiaan Keet, who asked for a menu program, and got it, and who 
		helped me with beta testing.
	John E. Davis, creator of the S-Lang library, who's been willing to
		answer questions about the less-documented parts.
	Lassen Software, Inc, whose dos-based Program Manager Plus software 
		was the inspiration for this program.
	All the people mentioned in debian/changelog who sent in patches,
		translations, etc, and have kept pdmenu under development much
		longer than I would have expected.

Please, send me feedback.

	I welcome any comments, feature requests, or bug reports. Send them 
	to pdmenu@joeyh.name. Please include the version number of pdmenu,
	slang, and your operating system in bug reports.

	If you are interested in becoming a Pdmenu beta tester, and/or being 
	notified of new releases, please mail me about it, and I'll add you 
	to the announce list.

Joey Hess, <pdmenu@joeyh.name>