orocos-toolchain  2.6.0-src
About: Orocos (Open RObot COntrol Software) toolchain is a set of tools to create real-time robotics applications. It contains: AutoProj, the Real-Time Toolkit, the Orocos Component Library, OroGen and TypeGen.
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Orocos Component Library


This project consists of a series of standard Orocos components which are used to build control applications.


Some Orocos Components requires a number of libraries in order to build. These are:

  • Every component requires the Real-Time Toolkit (RTT).
  • ncurses and readline for the OCL::TaskBrowser


Hello World:

The OCL::HelloWorld component demonstrates the TaskContext interface and how it can be used in applications.


Components for real-time data capturing. Currently console and file reporting is supported.


A Component for online interaction with any other component. Your main tool during component development, testing or experimenting.

Component Deployment:

Component for loading and configuring components into an application.

Logging Compnent:

Component for capturing real-time logging and two components for creating log files: one to a file and one to standard output.

  • OCL::LoggingService
  • OCL::FileAppender
  • OCL::ConsoleAppender