openvas-manager  7.0.3
About: OpenVAS Manager is a layer between OpenVAS-Scanner and various client applications such as OpenVAS-Client or Greenbone Security Assistant. Among other features, it adds server-side storage of scan results and it makes it unnecessary for scan clients to keep connection until a scan finishes. OpenVAS-9.
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The command line entry to the manager is defined in src/openvasmd.c. The manager is an OMP server.

The OMP server is defined in src/ompd.c. It uses the OTP library to handle the OTP server and the OMP library to handle the OMP client. The OTP library is defined in src/otp.c. The OMP library is defined in src/omp.c. Both the OMP and OTP libraries use the Manage library to manage credentials and tasks. The manage library is defined in src/manage.c and src/manage_sql.c .

The OTP and Manage libraries both use the Comm library to communication with the OTP server (src/ovas-mngr-comm.c).


The main daemon manager process will fork for every incoming connection and for every scheduled task.

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