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About: Open Search Server is both a modern search engine and a suite of full text search algorithms (based on Apache Lucene and Apache Tomcat). Sources.
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Copyright Emmanuel Keller / Jaeksoft (2008-2016) This software is licensed under the GPL v3.

OpenSearchServer is a powerful, enterprise-class, search engine program. Using the web user interface, the crawlers (web, file, database, ...) and the REST/RESTFul API you will be able to integrate quickly and easily advanced full-text search capabilities in your application. OpenSearchServer runs on Linux/Unix/BSD/Windows.


One requirement

You need to have a JAVA 7 (or newer) runtime on your server

Download the last ZIP or the TAR.GZ archive:

Deflate the content to get the following files:

  • FILE opensearchserver.jar -> the main library
  • FILE -> this file
  • DIR data -> will contains your index
  • DIR server -> will contains servers files
  • FILE -> Shell to start the server on Unix
  • FILE start.bat -> Batch to start the server on Windows
  • FILE NOTICE.txt -> the third-party license informations
  • DIR LICENSES -> Contains the detailled licenses

Edit the parameters

Optionally, can you change the parameters in the script:

  • The allowed memory size
  • The TCP port (9090 by default)

Start the server

cd opensearchserver

Go with the interface and/or the API



Search functions

  • Advanced full-text search features
  • Phonetic search
  • Advanced boolean search with query language
  • Clustered results with faceting and collapsing
  • Filter search using sub-requests (including negative filters)
  • Geolocation
  • Spell-checking
  • Relevance customization
  • Search suggestion facility (auto-completion)


  • Supports 18 languages
  • Fields schema with analyzers in each language
  • Several filters: n-gram, lemmatization, shingle, stripping diacritic from words,…
  • Automatic language recognition
  • Named entity recognition
  • Word synonyms and expression synonyms
  • Export indexed terms with frequencies
  • Automatic classification

Document supported

  • MS Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Visio, Publisher)
  • OpenOffice documents
  • Adobe PDF (with OCR)
  • RTF, Plaintext
  • Audio files metadata (wav, mp3, AIFF, Ogg)
  • Torrent files
  • OCR over images


  • The web crawler for internet, extranet and intranet
  • The file systems crawler for local and remote files (NFS, SMB/CIFS, FTP, FTPS, SWIFT)
  • The database crawler for all JDBC databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, …)
  • Filter inclusion or exclusion with wildcards
  • Session parameters removal
  • SQL join and linked files support
  • Screenshot capture
  • Sitemap import


  • Monitoring module
  • Index replication
  • Scheduler for management of periodic tasks