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FiboLink_ Struct Reference

NAME : fibo.h

#include <fibo.h>

Collaboration diagram for FiboLink_:

Data Fields

struct FiboNode_prevptr
struct FiboNode_nextptr

Detailed Description

NAME : fibo.h

FUNCTION : This module contains the definitions of the generic Fibonacci trees.
DATES : # Version 1.0 : from : 01 may 2010
to 12 may 2010
NOTES : # Since this module has originally been designed as a gain keeping data
structure for local optimization
algorithms, the computation of the
best node is only done when actually
searching for it.
This is most useful when many
insertions and deletions can take
place in the mean time. This is why
this data structure does not keep
track of the best node, unlike most
implementations do.

Definition at line 65 of file fibo.h.

Field Documentation

◆ nextptr

struct FiboNode_* FiboLink_::nextptr

Definition at line 67 of file fibo.h.

Referenced by fiboTreeConsolidate(), fiboTreeDel(), fiboTreeFree(), fiboTreeInit(), and PQ_isEmpty().

◆ prevptr

struct FiboNode_* FiboLink_::prevptr

Definition at line 66 of file fibo.h.

Referenced by fiboTreeConsolidate(), fiboTreeDel(), fiboTreeFree(), and fiboTreeInit().

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