openmpi  3.1.6
About: Open MPI is a high performance Message Passing Interface (MPI) library project combining technologies and resources from several other projects (FT-MPI, LA-MPI, LAM/MPI, and PACX-MPI) in order to build the best MPI library available. 3.x series.
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add_error_string.c File Reference
#include "ompi_config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include "ompi/mpi/c/bindings.h"
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int MPI_Add_error_string (int errorcode, const char *string)

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◆ MPI_Add_error_string()

int MPI_Add_error_string ( int  errorcode,
const char *  string 

Definition at line 28 of file add_error_string.c.

References errorcode.