openmailadmin  1.0.1
About: Openmailadmin is a administration interface to every complete IMAP mail server daemon.
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_script.php File Reference

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if(!isset($cfg['Servers']['IMAP'][$server_no]['TYPE'])) $cfg ['tablenames'] = array()
foreach(array('user', 'domains', 'virtual ', 'virtual_regexp', 'imap_demo') as $table) $db
 $oma = new openmailadmin($db, $cfg['tablenames'], $cfg, $imap)
$oma authenticated_user = User::authenticate($creator_mbox, $creator_passwd)
$oma current_user = $oma->authenticated_user
 $ErrorHandler = ErrorHandler::getInstance()

Variable Documentation



Definition at line 12 of file _script.php.

Referenced by mkSelfRef(), and PrettyBlueScreen().

◆ $cfg

if (!isset( $cfg[ 'Servers'][ 'IMAP'][ $server_no][ 'TYPE'])) $cfg[ 'tablenames'] = array()

Definition at line 26 of file _script.php.

◆ $db

foreach (array( 'user', 'domains', 'virtual ', 'virtual_regexp', 'imap_demo') as $table) $db
Initial value:
= ADONewConnection($cfg['Servers']['DB'][$server_no]['DSN'])
or die('Cannot connect to database server.')

Definition at line 32 of file _script.php.

Referenced by User\__construct(), db_find_in_set(), IMAP_get_instance(), User\immediate_set(), and User\update_last_login().

◆ $ErrorHandler

Definition at line 45 of file _script.php.

◆ $imap

Initial value:
= IMAP_get_instance($cfg['Servers']['IMAP'][$server_no],

Definition at line 38 of file _script.php.

◆ $oma

$oma = new openmailadmin($db, $cfg['tablenames'], $cfg, $imap)

Definition at line 42 of file _script.php.

◆ authenticated_user

$oma authenticated_user = User::authenticate($creator_mbox, $creator_passwd)

Definition at line 43 of file _script.php.

◆ current_user

if(!isset($cfg['Servers']['IMAP'][$server_no]['TYPE'])) $cfg['tablenames']
Definition: _script.php:26
IMAP_get_instance(array $imap_cfg, $facility='fake-imap')