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RexxNativeCode Class Reference

#include <RexxNativeCode.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 RexxNativeCode ()
 RexxNativeCode (RexxString *p, RexxString *n)
void live (size_t)
void liveGeneral (int reason)
void flatten (RexxEnvelope *envelope)
virtual RexxSourcegetSourceObject ()
virtual RexxClassfindClass (RexxString *className)
virtual BaseCodesetSourceObject (RexxSource *s)
SecurityManagergetSecurityManager ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseCode
virtual void run (RexxActivity *, RexxMethod *, RexxObject *, RexxString *, RexxObject **, size_t, ProtectedObject &)
virtual void call (RexxActivity *, RoutineClass *, RexxString *, RexxObject **, size_t, RexxString *, RexxString *, int, ProtectedObject &)
virtual void call (RexxActivity *, RoutineClass *, RexxString *, RexxObject **, size_t, ProtectedObject &)
virtual RexxArraygetSource ()
virtual RexxObjectsetSecurityManager (RexxObject *manager)
virtual PackageClassgetPackage ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RexxInternalObject
void * operator new (size_t, RexxClass *)
void * operator new (size_t, RexxClass *, RexxObject **, size_t)
void * operator new (size_t size, void *ptr)
void operator delete (void *)
void operator delete (void *p, void *ptr)
 RexxInternalObject ()
 RexxInternalObject (RESTORETYPE restoreType)
virtual ~RexxInternalObject ()
 operator RexxObject * ()
size_t getObjectSize ()
void setObjectSize (size_t s)
size_t getObjectDataSize ()
void * getObjectDataSpace ()
void clearObject ()
void clearObject (size_t l)
void setVirtualFunctions (void *t)
void setInitHeader (size_t s, size_t markword)
void setInitHeader (size_t markword)
void setObjectLive (size_t markword)
void setHasReferences ()
void setHasNoReferences ()
bool hasReferences ()
bool hasNoReferences ()
void setPrimitive ()
void setNonPrimitive ()
bool isPrimitive ()
bool isNonPrimitive ()
bool isObjectMarked (size_t markword)
void setObjectMark (size_t markword)
void clearObjectMark ()
bool isObjectLive (size_t mark)
bool isObjectDead (size_t mark)
bool isOldSpace ()
bool isNewSpace ()
void setNewSpace ()
void setOldSpace ()
void makeProxiedObject ()
bool isProxyObject ()
bool isSubClassOrEnhanced ()
bool isBaseClass ()
size_t getObjectTypeNumber ()
RexxBehaviourgetObjectType ()
bool isObjectType (RexxBehaviour *b)
bool isObjectType (size_t t)
bool isSameType (RexxInternalObject *o)
void setBehaviour (RexxBehaviour *b)
virtual RexxObjectmakeProxy (RexxEnvelope *)
virtual RexxObjectcopy ()
virtual RexxObjectevaluate (RexxActivation *, RexxExpressionStack *)
virtual RexxObjectgetValue (RexxActivation *)
virtual RexxObjectgetValue (RexxVariableDictionary *)
virtual RexxObjectgetRealValue (RexxActivation *)
virtual RexxObjectgetRealValue (RexxVariableDictionary *)
virtual void uninit ()
virtual HashCode hash ()
virtual HashCode getHashValue ()
HashCode identityHash ()
virtual bool truthValue (int)
virtual bool logicalValue (logical_t &)
virtual RexxStringmakeString ()
virtual void copyIntoTail (RexxCompoundTail *buffer)
virtual RexxStringprimitiveMakeString ()
virtual RexxArraymakeArray ()
virtual RexxStringstringValue ()
virtual RexxIntegerintegerValue (size_t)
virtual bool numberValue (wholenumber_t &result, size_t precision)
virtual bool numberValue (wholenumber_t &result)
virtual bool unsignedNumberValue (stringsize_t &result, size_t precision)
virtual bool unsignedNumberValue (stringsize_t &result)
virtual bool doubleValue (double &result)
virtual RexxNumberStringnumberString ()
virtual bool isEqual (RexxObject *)
virtual bool isInstanceOf (RexxClass *)
virtual RexxMethodinstanceMethod (RexxString *)
virtual RexxSupplierinstanceMethods (RexxClass *)
void hasUninit ()
void removedUninit ()
void printObject ()
RexxObjectclone ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RexxVirtualBase
virtual RexxObjectunflatten (RexxEnvelope *)

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RexxInternalObject
static size_t getObjectHeaderSize ()
- Public Attributes inherited from RexxInternalObject
ObjectHeader header
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RexxVirtualBase
virtual ~RexxVirtualBase ()
virtual void baseVirtual ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file RexxNativeCode.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RexxNativeCode() [1/2]

RexxNativeCode::RexxNativeCode ( )

Definition at line 54 of file RexxNativeCode.hpp.

◆ RexxNativeCode() [2/2]

RexxNativeCode::RexxNativeCode ( RexxString p,
RexxString n 

Definition at line 56 of file RexxNativeCode.cpp.

References name, OREF_NULL, OrefSet, package, and source.

Member Function Documentation

◆ findClass()

RexxClass * RexxNativeCode::findClass ( RexxString className)

Resolve a class in the context of this code object.

classNameThe name of the desired class.
The returned class.

Reimplemented from BaseCode.

Definition at line 109 of file RexxNativeCode.cpp.

References BaseCode::findClass(), RexxSource::findClass(), OREF_NULL, and source.

◆ flatten()

void RexxNativeCode::flatten ( RexxEnvelope envelope)

◆ getSecurityManager()

SecurityManager * RexxNativeCode::getSecurityManager ( )

Get the security manager associated with native code. Generally, only native methods and routines defined with directives will have an associated security manager.

The source security manager.

Definition at line 164 of file RexxNativeCode.cpp.

References RexxSource::getSecurityManager(), OREF_NULL, and source.

Referenced by RexxNativeActivation::callNativeRoutine(), and RexxNativeActivation::run().

◆ getSourceObject()

RexxSource * RexxNativeCode::getSourceObject ( )

Get the source object backing this code instance. If created from a directive, this will be the source package containing the directive.

The parent source instance.

Reimplemented from BaseCode.

Definition at line 151 of file RexxNativeCode.cpp.

References source.

◆ live()

void RexxNativeCode::live ( size_t  liveMark)

Reimplemented from RexxVirtualBase.

Definition at line 67 of file RexxNativeCode.cpp.

References memory_mark, name, package, and source.

◆ liveGeneral()

void RexxNativeCode::liveGeneral ( int  reason)

◆ setSourceObject()

BaseCode * RexxNativeCode::setSourceObject ( RexxSource s)

Set a source object into a native code context. If the object is already set, then this returns a copy of the code object.

sThe new source object.
Either the same object, or a new copy of the code object.

Reimplemented from BaseCode.

Definition at line 128 of file RexxNativeCode.cpp.

References RexxInternalObject::copy(), OREF_NULL, OrefSet, and source.

Referenced by RexxSource::createNativeMethod().

Member Data Documentation

◆ name

RexxString* RexxNativeCode::name

◆ package

RexxString* RexxNativeCode::package

◆ source

RexxSource* RexxNativeCode::source

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