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RexxCompoundTable Class Reference

#include <RexxCompoundTable.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 RexxCompoundTable ()
void copyFrom (RexxCompoundTable &other)
void init (RexxStem *parent)
void clear ()
RexxCompoundElementget (RexxCompoundTail *name)
RexxCompoundElementfindEntry (RexxCompoundTail *tail)
RexxCompoundElementfindEntry (RexxCompoundTail *tail, bool create)
RexxCompoundElementfindEntry (RexxString *tail, bool create=false)
void balance (RexxCompoundElement *node)
void moveNode (RexxCompoundElement **anchor, bool toright)
RexxCompoundElementfirst ()
RexxCompoundElementfindLeaf (RexxCompoundElement *node)
RexxCompoundElementnext (RexxCompoundElement *node)
void setParent (RexxStem *parent)
void setRoot (RexxCompoundElement *newRoot)

Public Attributes



class RexxStem

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file RexxCompoundTable.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RexxCompoundTable()

RexxCompoundTable::RexxCompoundTable ( )

Definition at line 69 of file RexxCompoundTable.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ balance()

◆ clear()

void RexxCompoundTable::clear ( )

Definition at line 76 of file RexxCompoundTable.cpp.

References OREF_NULL, and setRoot().

Referenced by RexxStem::bracketEqual(), and RexxStem::empty().

◆ copyFrom()

void RexxCompoundTable::copyFrom ( RexxCompoundTable other)

Copy all of the entries from another compound table into this table.

otherThe source tail collection.

Definition at line 62 of file RexxCompoundTable.cpp.

References findEntry(), first(), RexxVariable::getName(), next(), RexxCompoundElement::setValue(), and RexxVariable::variableValue.

Referenced by RexxStem::copyFrom().

◆ findEntry() [1/3]

◆ findEntry() [2/3]

◆ findEntry() [3/3]

RexxCompoundElement * RexxCompoundTable::findEntry ( RexxString tail,
bool  create = false 

Definition at line 82 of file RexxCompoundTable.cpp.

References findEntry().

◆ findLeaf()

RexxCompoundElement * RexxCompoundTable::findLeaf ( RexxCompoundElement node)

Definition at line 281 of file RexxCompoundTable.cpp.

References RexxCompoundElement::left, OREF_NULL, and RexxCompoundElement::right.

Referenced by first(), and next().

◆ first()

◆ get()

RexxCompoundElement* RexxCompoundTable::get ( RexxCompoundTail name)

Definition at line 73 of file RexxCompoundTable.hpp.

References findEntry().

◆ init()

void RexxCompoundTable::init ( RexxStem parent)

Definition at line 49 of file RexxCompoundTable.cpp.

References OREF_NULL, setParent(), and setRoot().

Referenced by RexxStem::copyFrom(), RexxStem::init(), and RexxStem::RexxStem().

◆ moveNode()

◆ next()

◆ setParent()

void RexxCompoundTable::setParent ( RexxStem parent)

Definition at line 320 of file RexxCompoundTable.cpp.

References OrefSet, parent, and RexxStem::tails.

Referenced by init().

◆ setRoot()

void RexxCompoundTable::setRoot ( RexxCompoundElement newRoot)

Definition at line 337 of file RexxCompoundTable.cpp.

References OrefSet, parent, root, and RexxStem::tails.

Referenced by clear(), findEntry(), init(), and moveNode().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ RexxStem

friend class RexxStem

Definition at line 67 of file RexxCompoundTable.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ parent

RexxStem* RexxCompoundTable::parent

Definition at line 87 of file RexxCompoundTable.hpp.

Referenced by setParent(), and setRoot().

◆ root

RexxCompoundElement* RexxCompoundTable::root

Definition at line 86 of file RexxCompoundTable.hpp.

Referenced by balance(), findEntry(), first(), and setRoot().

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