ona  18.1.1
About: OpenNetAdmin provides a database managed inventory of your IP network (with Web and CLI interface).
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main.inc.php File Reference

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 $title_left_html = ''
 $ip_subnet = ip_mangle($record['ip_addr'], 'numeric')
if($ip_subnet< 4294967295) else
 $replace_end_by = ':'
 $version =6
 $ip = ip_mangle(preg_replace("/$end/", $replace_end_by, $record['ip_addr']), 'numeric')
 $ip_netmask = ip_mangle($record['ip_mask'], 'numeric')
Subnet Allocation Map EOL
 $title_right_html = ''
< br >< br > D< br > R< br > A< br > G< br >< br > & darr
if($rows) $modjs = get_portal_js($extravars['window_name'], $ip, $version)

Variable Documentation

◆ $ip

◆ $ip_netmask

$ip_netmask = ip_mangle($record['ip_mask'], 'numeric')

Definition at line 26 of file main.inc.php.

◆ $ip_subnet

$ip_subnet = ip_mangle($record['ip_addr'], 'numeric')

Definition at line 12 of file main.inc.php.

Referenced by ws_display().

◆ $modbodyhtml

Initial value:
= <<<EOL
<table width=100% cellspacing="0" border="0" cellpadding="0" style="margin-bottom: 8px;">
<tr><td colspan="99" nowrap="true" align="center">
<input type="hidden" id="{$extravars['window_name']}_zoom" name="zoom" value="7">
<div id="{$extravars['window_name']}_portal" onclick="el('dragmessage').style.display='';el('{$extravars['window_name']}_portal').style.color = '#FFFFFF';el('{$extravars['window_name']}_portal').style.height = '150px';el('{$extravars['window_name']}_portal').myonmouseup('fake event');" style="text-align: center;color: #999999;position: relative; height: 19px; width: 355px;">
Click here to show map
<span id="{$extravars['window_name']}_substrate"></span>
<span id="dragmessage" style="display: none;font-size:10px;float: right;margin-top: -150px;padding-right: 12px;">&uarr

Definition at line 67 of file main.inc.php.

◆ $modjs

if ( $rows) $modjs = get_portal_js($extravars['window_name'], $ip, $version)

Definition at line 108 of file main.inc.php.

◆ $replace_end_by

$replace_end_by = ':'

Definition at line 21 of file main.inc.php.

Referenced by ws_display().

◆ $title_left_html

$title_left_html = ''

Definition at line 8 of file main.inc.php.

◆ $title_right_html

$title_right_html = ''

Definition at line 60 of file main.inc.php.

◆ $version

$version =6

Definition at line 22 of file main.inc.php.

Referenced by add_module(), add_permission(), block_add(), block_del(), block_display(), block_modify(), config_add(), config_chksum(), config_diff(), config_display(), adoSchema\ConvertSchemaFile(), adoSchema\ConvertSchemaString(), custom_attribute_add(), custom_attribute_del(), custom_attribute_display(), custom_attribute_modify(), custom_attribute_type_display(), dhcp_entry_add(), dhcp_entry_del(), dhcp_entry_display(), dhcp_entry_modify(), dhcp_failover_group_add(), dhcp_failover_group_del(), dhcp_failover_group_display(), dhcp_failover_group_modify(), dhcp_lease_add(), dhcp_pool_add(), dhcp_pool_del(), dhcp_pool_modify(), dhcp_server_add(), dhcp_server_del(), dns_record_add(), dns_record_del(), dns_record_display(), dns_record_modify(), domain_add(), domain_del(), domain_display(), domain_modify(), domain_server_add(), domain_server_del(), get_module_list(), get_portal_js(), host_add(), host_del(), host_display(), host_modify(), interface_add(), interface_del(), interface_display(), interface_modify(), interface_move(), interface_move_host(), interface_share(), interface_share_del(), ipcalc(), location_add(), location_del(), location_modify(), mangle_ip(), message_add(), mysql_purge_logs(), nat_add(), nat_del(), ona_sql(), adoSchema\RemoveSchemaString(), report_run(), ADODB_sqlite3\ServerInfo(), ADODB_informix72\ServerInfo(), ADODB_postgres64\ServerInfo(), ADODB_mssqlnative\ServerVersion(), subnet_add(), subnet_del(), subnet_display(), subnet_modify(), subnet_nextip(), tag_add(), tag_del(), vlan_add(), vlan_campus_add(), vlan_campus_del(), vlan_campus_display(), vlan_campus_modify(), vlan_del(), vlan_modify(), and ws_display().

◆ darr

<br><br> D<br> R<br> A<br> G<br><br> & darr

Definition at line 77 of file main.inc.php.

◆ else

if ( $version==4) else
Initial value:
$end = ':[0-9A-F]{0,4}$'

Definition at line 18 of file main.inc.php.


<br></span></td></tr></table> EOL

Definition at line 57 of file main.inc.php.

◆ nbsp

& nbsp

Definition at line 56 of file main.inc.php.

_button onclick
Definition: app_advanced_search.inc.php:50
Definition: main.inc.php:43