ona  18.1.1
About: OpenNetAdmin provides a database managed inventory of your IP network (with Web and CLI interface).
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login.php File Reference

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 $base = dirname(__FILE__)
 $include = $base . '/include'
 if (!is_dir( $include))
 $_SESSION ['ona']['auth'] = array()
 $message = ''

Variable Documentation


◆ $base

$base = dirname(__FILE__)

Definition at line 3 of file login.php.

◆ $include

$include = $base . '/include'

Definition at line 5 of file login.php.

◆ $message

$message = ''

Definition at line 37 of file login.php.

Referenced by interface_move(), and ona_logmsg().

◆ if


Definition at line 6 of file login.php.