ona  18.1.1
About: OpenNetAdmin provides a database managed inventory of your IP network (with Web and CLI interface).
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main.inc.php File Reference

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 $title_left_html = 'Custom Attributes'
if(is_numeric($record['subnet_type_id'])) elseif(is_numeric($record['device_id'])) else
 $modwsmenu [0]['menutitle'] = 'Add Custom Attribute'
 $modwsmenu [0]['tooltip'] = "Add Custom Attribute to this {$kind}"
 $modwsmenu [0]['authname'] = 'custom_attribute_add'
 $modwsmenu [0]['commandjs'] = "xajax_window_submit('edit_custom_attribute', xajax.getFormValues('form_{$kind}_{$record['id']}'), 'editor');"
 $modwsmenu [0]['image'] = '/images/silk/tag_blue.png'

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$modwsmenu[0][ 'authname'] = 'custom_attribute_add'

Definition at line 26 of file main.inc.php.

◆ $modwsmenu [2/5]

$modwsmenu[0][ 'commandjs'] = "xajax_window_submit('edit_custom_attribute', xajax.getFormValues('form_{$kind}_{$record['id']}'), 'editor');"

Definition at line 27 of file main.inc.php.

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$modwsmenu[0][ 'image'] = '/images/silk/tag_blue.png'

Definition at line 28 of file main.inc.php.

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$modwsmenu[0][ 'menutitle'] = 'Add Custom Attribute'

Definition at line 24 of file main.inc.php.

Referenced by workspace_plugin_loader().

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$modwsmenu[0][ 'tooltip'] = "Add Custom Attribute to this {$kind}"

Definition at line 25 of file main.inc.php.

◆ $title_left_html

$title_left_html = 'Custom Attributes'

Definition at line 3 of file main.inc.php.

Referenced by workspace_plugin_loader().

◆ else

if (is_numeric( $record[ 'subnet_type_id'])) elseif (is_numeric( $record[ 'device_id'])) else
Initial value:

Definition at line 14 of file main.inc.php.

Definition: main.inc.php:11