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auth_local Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for auth_local:

Public Member Functions

 auth_local ()
 checkPass ($user, $pass)
 getUserData ($login_name)

Public Attributes

 $success = true
 $founduser = false
 $user = null

Detailed Description


foundation authorisation class all auth classes should inherit from this class

Chris Smith chris.nosp@m.@jal.nosp@m.akai..nosp@m.co.u.nosp@m.k

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Member Function Documentation

◆ auth_local()

auth_local::auth_local ( )


Carry out sanity checks to ensure the object is able to operate.

Christopher Smith chris.nosp@m.@jal.nosp@m.akai..nosp@m.co.u.nosp@m.k

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◆ checkPass()

auth_local::checkPass (   $user,

Check user+password [ MUST BE OVERRIDDEN ]

Checks if the given user exists and the given password is correct

Set $this->founduser to true if we find a valid user found user should be set if we find the user even if the password does not match

Return value will be true or false depnding on match of user/pass

Matt Pascoe matt@.nosp@m.open.nosp@m.netad.nosp@m.min..nosp@m.com
bool True/False indicating successful auth match of user/pass

Reimplemented in auth_ldap.

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References $onadb, $status, $user, and db_get_record().

◆ getUserData()

auth_local::getUserData (   $login_name)

Return user info [ MUST BE OVERRIDDEN ] or false

Returns info about the given user needs to contain at least these fields:

username string name of the user grps array list of groups the user is in $user['grps']['groupname']=groupidnum

sets a variable ($this->founduser) to show if a user was found by this function

Matt Pascoe matt@.nosp@m.open.nosp@m.netad.nosp@m.min..nosp@m.com
array containing user data or false

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References $onadb, $record, $status, $user, date_mangle(), db_get_record(), db_get_records(), and db_update_record().

Member Data Documentation

◆ $founduser

auth_local::$founduser = false

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◆ $success

auth_local::$success = true

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◆ $user

auth_local::$user = null

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Referenced by checkPass(), auth_ldap\checkPass(), getUserData(), and auth_ldap\getUserData().

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