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About: OpenNetAdmin provides a database managed inventory of your IP network (with Web and CLI interface).
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DB Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 factory ($type)
 connect ($dsn, $options=false)
 apiVersion ()
 isError ($value)
 isWarning ($value)
 parseDSN ($dsn)
 assertExtension ($name)

Detailed Description

The main "DB" class is simply a container class with some static methods for creating DB objects as well as some utility functions common to all parts of DB.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ apiVersion()

DB::apiVersion ( )

Return the DB API version

int the DB API version number

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◆ assertExtension()

DB::assertExtension (   $name)

Load a PHP database extension if it is not loaded already.

@access public

$namethe base name of the extension (without the .so or .dll suffix)
bool true if the extension was already or successfully loaded, false if it could not be loaded

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◆ connect()

DB::connect (   $dsn,
  $options = false 

Create a new DB object and connect to the specified database

$dsnmixed "data source name", see the DB::parseDSN method for a description of the dsn format. Can also be specified as an array of the format returned by DB::parseDSN.
$optionsmixed if boolean (or scalar), tells whether this connection should be persistent (for backends that support this). This parameter can also be an array of options, see DB_common::setOption for more information on connection options.
object a newly created DB connection object, or a DB error object on error
See also

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References $type, ADODB_PEAR_Error(), and parseDSN().

◆ factory()

DB::factory (   $type)

Create a new DB object for the specified database type

$typestring database type, for example "mysql"
object a newly created DB object, or a DB error code on error

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References $type.

◆ isError()

DB::isError (   $value)

Tell whether a result code from a DB method is an error

$valueint result code
bool whether $value is an error

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◆ isWarning()

DB::isWarning (   $value)

Tell whether a result code from a DB method is a warning. Warnings differ from errors in that they are generated by DB, and are not fatal.

$valuemixed result value
bool whether $value is a warning

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◆ parseDSN()

DB::parseDSN (   $dsn)

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Referenced by connect().

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