oath-toolkit  2.6.7
About: The OATH Toolkit ("Open AuTHentication") contains a shared library, command line tool and a PAM module that makes it possible to build one-time password authentication systems.
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Copyright (C) 2009-2021 Simon Josefsson.  Licensed under the GPLv3+.

OATH Toolkit provide components to build one-time password
authentication systems.  It contains shared C libraries, command line
tools and a PAM module.  Supported technologies include the
event-based HOTP algorithm (RFC 4226), the time-based TOTP algorithm
(RFC 6238), and Portable Symmetric Key Container (PSKC, RFC 6030) to
manage secret key data.  OATH stands for Open AuTHentication, which is
the organization that specify the algorithms.

The components included in the package is:

  * liboath: A shared and static C library for OATH handling.

  * oathtool: A command line tool for generating and validating OTPs.

  * pam_oath: A PAM module for pluggable login authentication for OATH.

  * libpskc: A shared and static C library for PSKC handling.

  * pskctool: A command line tool for manipulating PSKC data.

See each sub-directory for more information.

The file INSTALL contains generic installation and configuration
instructions, however briefly the typical process is:

  make check install

If the builtin self-tests fail, you should report it as a bug and not
install the software.

The file HACKING contains information that is useful if you are
building for version controlled sources.

For updates on the project please visit our web sites:


For e-mail discussions related the OATH Toolkit, please send e-mail to
oath-toolkit-help@nongnu.org after subscribing to the mailing list
through this web page:


Note that the OATH Toolkit project used to be called "HOTP Toolkit",
and there are still references to the old project name elsewhere.
Please help and change them to point at OATH Toolkit instead.