namedmanager  1.9.0
About: NamedManager is a web-based DNS management system (supporting the Bind nameserver).
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Project Homepage

For more information including source code, issue tracker and documentation visit the project homepage:


NamedManager is an AGPL web-based DNS management system designed to make the adding, adjusting and removal of zones/records easy and reliable.

Rather than attempting to develop a new nameserver as in the case of many DNS management interfaces, NamedManager supports the tried and tested Bind nameserver, by generating Bind compatible configuration files whenever a change needs to be applied.

This also ensures that an outage of the management server web interface or SQL database will not result in any impact to DNS servers.

Key Features

  • Allows addition, adjusting and deletion DNS zones.
  • Supports Bind 9 and pushes Bind compatible configuration and zone files to configured servers.
  • Supports Amazon Route53
  • Ability to import from Bind zonefile support.
  • Includes a log tailer that runs on the name servers and sends back logs that are rendered in the web interface.
  • SOAP API to allow other tools to hook into the interface.
  • Written in PHP and uses a MySQL database backend.
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 users of the management interface.
  • Supports IPv4 and IPv6 forward and reverse records zones.
  • Supports internationalized domain names.

Application Structure

  • docs/ Documentation, authors file, copyright/license and other information.

  • htdocs/ Web-based Frontend

  • bind/ Scripts for integrating with Bind name servers.

  • resources/ Sample config files, spec files, packaging tools and other bits.

  • sql/ Database schemea install and upgrade components.