mypaint  2.0.1
About: MyPaint is graphics application for digital (art) painters that for e.g. supports pressure sensitive graphic tablets and comes with an easy to use brush collection.
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A fast and dead-simple painting app for artists

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  • Infinite canvas
  • Extremely configurable brushes
  • Distraction-free fullscreen mode
  • Extensive graphic tablet support
  • Speed, simplicity, and expressiveness
  • Realistic paint-like pigment model
  • 15 bit Rec 709 linear RGB colorspace
  • Brush settings stored with each stroke on the canvas
  • Layers, various modes, and layer groups


Latest stable release.

Releases and prereleases contain links to standalone packages (and installers for full releases) for Windows, and AppImage files for Linux.

Nightly releases

Using alpha releases comes with its own risks. Sometimes bugs can sneak in that causes crashes, so don't be too surprised by that. If you come across any, please do report those bugs so they can be dealt with.


If you don't want to build from source, the latest AppImage files can be found in a rolling release. Just download the .AppImage file and make it executable.


The nightly installers and standalone archives can be downloaded from the AppVeyor CI

Click on the link matching your architecture (32 or 64), then the tab named "Artifacts" to get the file list. Only one of the files ending in .exe or .7z are needed. Using the standalone archive (7z) is recommended.

Chocolatey (windows)

If you prefer to use the Chocolatey repository, both stable releases and pre-releases can be found there.


MyPaint depends on its brushstroke rendering library, libmypaint, as well as its brush library mypaint-brushes. If you have those installed, plus MyPaint's third party dependencies, you can try it out without installing:

git clone
cd mypaint
python demo

If the demo works, you can install

python managed_install
python managed_uninstall

For more details, see the Setup Instructions.


The MyPaint project welcomes and encourages participation by everyone. We want our community to be skilled and diverse, and we want it to be a community that anybody can feel good about joining. No matter who you are or what your background is, we welcome you.

Please see the Contributing Guide for full details of how you can begin contributing. All contributors to the MyPaint project must abide by a Code of Conduct.


MyPaint is Free/Libre/Open Source software. See Licenses and Copyrights for a summary of its licensing. A list of contributors can be found in the about dialog.


Code Contributors

This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].

Financial Contributors

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