mtools  4.0.36
About: Mtools is a collection of utilities to access MS-DOS disks from Unix without mounting them.
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 To compile mtools on Unix, first type ./configure, then make.  To
compile mtools on a Bebox, refer to README.BEBOX.


 The most uptodate doc of this package is the texinfo doc. Type 'make
info' to get online info doc, and 'make dvi ; dvips mtools.dvi' to get
a printed copy.  The info doc has a concept index.  Make use of it.
 You may get an info copy using the following command 'make info'.
This can then be viewed using emacs' info mode, or using a standalone
info viewer.
 Man pages are still present, but contain less information.
 If you do not have the necessary tools to view the texinfo doc, you
may also find it on the World Wide Web at the following locations:


 Mtools should be compiled with an Ansi compiler, preferably gcc


Original code (versions through 2.0.7?) by Emmet P. Gray (Texas, USA).
Viktor Dukhovni (at Princeton, USA) had major input into v2.0.

Since 2.0.7: maintained primarily and until now by Alain Knaff
(Luxembourg) and David Niemi (Reston, Virginia, USA).

Please report bugs to the mtools mailing list at .

You may subscribe to the mtools mailing list at

Since March 3rd 2009, mtools is now officially a GNU package. Special
thanks to Emmet P. Gray, the original developer of the program, who
supported dubbing mtools a GNU package.

Current Status

Stable release 4.0.x

Mtools is a GNU program published under GPL v3.0 (code) and GNU Free
Documentation License.

Most files of mtools bears a notice describing the copyright, and
whether it is covered by GPL or GFDL


debian/control		Copyright 2007 Alain Knaff

debian/changelog	Copyright 2007-2009 Alain Knaff

NEWS			Copyright 1995 David C. Niemi
			Copyright 1995-2009 Alain Knaff

mtools.spec		Copyright 2003-2005,2007-2009 Alain Knaff


README			Copyright 1996-1998,2001,2002,2009 Alain Knaff.
Release.notes		Copyright 1995 Alain Knaff