motion  4.3.0
About: Motion monitors the video signal from one or more cameras and is able to detect motion.
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webu_text.h File Reference
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void webu_text_badreq (struct webui_ctx *webui)
void webu_text_main (struct webui_ctx *webui)
void webu_text_status (struct webui_ctx *webui)
void webu_text_connection (struct webui_ctx *webui)
void webu_text_list (struct webui_ctx *webui)
void webu_text_get_query (struct webui_ctx *webui)

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◆ webu_text_badreq()

◆ webu_text_connection()

◆ webu_text_get_query()

◆ webu_text_list()

void webu_text_list ( struct webui_ctx webui)

◆ webu_text_main()

◆ webu_text_status()