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md5.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  MD5_CTX


#define PROTOTYPES   0
#define PROTO_LIST(list)   ()


typedef unsigned char * POINTER
typedef unsigned short int UINT2
typedef unsigned int UINT4


void MD5Init (MD5_CTX *)
void MD5Update (MD5_CTX *, unsigned char *, unsigned int)
void MD5Final (unsigned char[16], MD5_CTX *)
void MD5 (unsigned char *message, unsigned long message_length, unsigned char *md)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define PROTO_LIST (   list)    ()

Definition at line 62 of file md5.h.


#define PROTOTYPES   0

Definition at line 42 of file md5.h.

Typedef Documentation


typedef unsigned char* POINTER

Definition at line 46 of file md5.h.


typedef unsigned short int UINT2

Definition at line 49 of file md5.h.


typedef unsigned int UINT4

Definition at line 52 of file md5.h.

Function Documentation

◆ MD5()

void MD5 ( unsigned char *  message,
unsigned long  message_length,
unsigned char *  md 

Definition at line 339 of file md5.c.

References MD5Final(), MD5Init(), and MD5Update().

◆ MD5Final()

void MD5Final ( unsigned char  [16],

Definition at line 162 of file md5.c.

References Encode(), MD5_memset(), MD5Update(), and PADDING.

Referenced by DigestCalcHA1(), DigestCalcResponse(), and MD5().

◆ MD5Init()

void MD5Init ( MD5_CTX )

Definition at line 105 of file md5.c.

Referenced by DigestCalcHA1(), DigestCalcResponse(), and MD5().

◆ MD5Update()

void MD5Update ( MD5_CTX ,
unsigned char *  ,
unsigned int   

Definition at line 120 of file md5.c.

References MD5_memcpy(), and MD5Transform().

Referenced by DigestCalcHA1(), DigestCalcResponse(), MD5(), and MD5Final().